Household Design – A Brief Overview by Sofiya Machulskaya

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Here we are nearly at the end of the 2010, the year of the dragon, and it looks like we are just a few months away from what many are comparing to the ten-year reign of the horse. However, for many this doesn’t mean a great deal of excitement – I know that’s a far different subject entirely.

But, people have decided this year is the year of change and they are taking to heart the popular saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and are now reaping the rewards of their marvellous inventiveness and hard work enthused Sofiya Machulskaya.

How does household design stack up this year? Very well! Obviously some ideas will have to go but that doesn’t mean they are no longer viable. On the contrary, most of the things we as human beings throw up and get discarded we will have forgotten in five years time and by on instinct we think we know what we want. So, let’s just sort this out first.

  1. The kitchen table – the area everyone spends most of their time and is the most mundane part of the home. So, if it really needs changing, why not just up it one notch by placing an extra chest on top for those really important pots and pans. Until people stop wanting the plasticcake plates!A plinth particular to the kitchen is also a kind ofdepending if the room is a little on the small size as it should be.The space between the walls sometimes provides a space of sorts for which function has its way of being focused. In this case we can place a larger plant or ‘potted’ addition to make good use of the focus.
  2. The bath is no longer restricted for the purpose of being clean. Many homeowners have begun to realise its second potential in house design. With better windows, larger fixtures, lights, a choice of either free standing or slim line fittings looks like the focal point of the room can be turned into something more.
  3. The front door as most would have guessed would be the first priority in our wishes. With a wide range of designs such as front aluminum and glass plus the fact that modern locking mechanisms have the potential to provide us with as much convenience as we want and need, more and more people are becoming very fashionable and progressive.
  4. ‘warehousing’ has been compared to ‘bulk containers’ and there is no doubt the work-top trend is favourably becoming a trend. This in mind, it’s perhaps necessary to search for another way to store our kitchen utensils!
  5. We all need ‘stow away’ where do we keep those tanks we have turned up before? With these pieces of furniture we are continually trying to find space for the many items we hold and these could well be a case of ‘ troops for shrunken spaces’. Yes, we know storage is still one of our needs but we are finding creative ways to use it in new or novel ways.
  6. Third party services have taken a big leap as well and with agencies offering extra days of illegal working hours (as opposed to the normal seven), it makes a great deal of sense to use what we have not had time for yet to find a new way to treat household chores!

So, if you feel like you don’t have the space for the new kitchen like Sofiya Machulskaya or are finding it difficult to juggle another family, why not contact a few firms offering the services of creating you a dream one? Let them know what you are looking for and how much room you have to play with. If they offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee, it also makes a great way to see if a little longer builds some more time. It also works out an affordable option for you and you can see exactly what your money will be worth!

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