10 Reasons Why You Should Never Rely on Your Employees During an Office Move

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Having your employees handle your office move is a wrong decision. The only thing that your employees should worry about is ensuring that the office still runs regularly despite the moving frenzy. This will be close to impossible to do if your employees would also be responsible for moving tasks. If you can keep your employees from being disturbed and inconvenienced by all your moving needs and activities, please do so. It’s the least you could do. To fully understand just how wrong and unacceptable it is to have your employees handle moving tasks and responsibilities during a move, do read on.

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Rely on Your Employees During an Office Move

Reason #1: Experience is needed and your employees more or less don’t have any.

An office move is very different from an apartment move. You have to deal with more logistical concerns and you need to be extra careful when it comes to ensuring a smooth location turnover. It will be a waste of everyone’s time if you’d have clueless people handle office move tasks. It’s best to simply rely on professionals and have your employees simply ensure that they do continuous work.

Reason #2: Your employees need focus and they may easily lose it when they handle something that they don’t normally attend to.

Your employees should be fully dedicated and focused on their tasks. Assigning responsibilities that they don’t even handle and are clueless about will cause so much stress and tension on their end. The very reason for your office move is office growth. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice office growth and task efficiency by having exhausted employees that can no longer properly execute their regular responsibilities. An office move is just a change in location. What is still important is the continuous operation and growth of your business.

Reason #3: You need people who know how to properly handle fragile and sensitive office equipment.

It’s wrong to trust inexperienced employees with sensitive office items and equipment. Fax machines, computers, and printers need to be handled by organized professionals that have routine protocols for easy dismantling and installation of furniture, equipment, and devices. Relying on your employees may end up costing you more as wrong handling can have your items damaged or broken.

Reason #4: You would not want to have your security compromised.

Moving is very critical because important documents can be easily exposed and made available to anyone. To ensure that you won’t have to deal with such risk, hire professionals that know how to expertly handle confidential and important documents. With professionals, you won’t have to worry if any sensitive information will be exposed or at risk of being exposed.

Reason #5: You will have to assume liability.

You would be responsible for all accidents, injuries, and damages if you will have your employees handle your office move. As you’re the one directly responsible for their welfare, you would have to be the one who answers to any kind of liability that may arise. This may not be a concern for you if you and your employees are duly insured, but must you put yourself and your employees to such risk exposure? To completely avoid liability, just ask professional removalists who can expertly do all the moving for you.

Reason #6: You will be exposing your employees to possible risks of being injured.

Moving requires numerous amounts of lifting and your employees would have to do much if they would be directly involved in your office move. This is risky as lifting can cause slight to grave injuries. People who are not used to lifting are the ones who often suffer from severe muscle strain and terrible accidents. To avoid this, just look for an office removal company in Perth that has expert movers who know how to properly handle and lift heavy objects and furniture.

Reason #7: You will need a dedicated external coordinator.

It will be very wrong to have an employee handle all of your office move needs because juggling handling thousands of logistic concerns with regular office workload can be too much. It’s best if you could simply rely on an external coordinator who can handle all of your moving concerns. This way, all of your employees will still get to peacefully focus on their regular tasks.

Reason #8:  Your employees are not aware of protocols when it comes to handling objects that are hard to move.

Not all office items are made equal. Some items, like copy machines, need to be carefully dismantled, transferred, and installed. You can’t just simply rely on your employees when it comes to such tasks and tasks similar to such.

Reason #9: Your employees will take longer to adjust to the new space.

Any kind of move, may it be residential or commercial, is stressful. No one particularly enjoys moving. It’s not something that people are particularly excited about. It involves much change, responsibilities, and schedule interruption. Relying on your employees would double their moving stress as it would take them longer to balance their workload and adjust to their new office space.

Reason #10: You should observe respect and human decency.

It is simply not just and fair for you to ask something of your employee that they don’t usually do. It is simply abusive as your employees will be placed in an uncomfortable decision where they’d have a tough time saying no. It’s never right to have employees do tasks that are not related to their job description. Moving and everything that goes with it is not an exemption.

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