The Real Deal on Using Fake Security Cameras: Do They Really Work?

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Security

Do fake security cameras truly work? There are still a number of people who prefer fake security cameras over real security cameras. Primarily because it is cheaper and it surprisingly gets the job done. It gets the job done because studies showed that the presence of a camera itself in a house is enough to scare away malicious individuals. But is it truly enough to secure your home’s security? Can you really depend on one for life?

This post will discuss that. After reading this, you’d be more equipped to decide if a fake security camera is enough home security after all. We’d do this by presenting the PROS and CONS of using fake security cameras.


1. Fake security cameras can deter malicious individuals.

Individuals easily get scared off when they see that they are being monitored and their actions are being recorded. This is not hard science. This is the very same thing that happens in studies when people behave better when they know that they are being observed. This is the main reason why fake security cameras work. Malicious individuals have no way of knowing if a security camera is fake so the immediate reaction would be to just skip a house that has it. No one ever wants to be recorded while in the middle of doing something wrong.

2. Fake security cameras are not expensive.

You will not have to deal with a string of expenses if you’d opt for a fake security camera. You won’t have additional electricity costs, storage fees, and maintenance expenditures. This is something that all owners of real security cameras have to deal with. With fake security cameras though, you can simply put your camera outside and not spend on anything at all. As it does not run and won’t need to record anything, you won’t have to deal with monthly expenses on cloud storage. You won’t even need to have a dedicated screen for it. It’s pretty practical as it won’t require a dedicated chunk off your budget.

3. Fake security cameras won’t have you deal with issues on property rights.

Did you know that it is illegal to record anyone in spaces where a reasonable level of privacy is expected without their consent? This is something that you would have to deal with if you have a real security camera. A real security camera can record anything and everyone that is within its scope. Even people and objects that don’t want to be recorded. Such a situation can give rise to unwanted suits on property rights. This is something that you could conveniently and effectively avoid if you’d use fake security cameras.


1. Fake security cameras can’t provide evidence

You won’t have anything to use as evidence if you’d use fake security cameras. As fake security cameras don’t record anything, you will be free or devoid of any recorded material that can prove that your house has been broken in. You won’t have anything to review in instances when you think that something fishy happened. You won’t have evidence to submit in case law enforcers demand proof. You won’t also get to help your neighborhood in case something needs to be investigated and footage on your area needs to be observed. This is the case because fake security cameras don’t see, monitor, or store anything.

2. Fake security cameras don’t work on experienced criminals

Experienced criminals know a thing or two when it comes to security cameras. So much so that ones with years of experience can easily determine if a security camera is real or fake. This is the kind of risk that you are taking if you’d opt for fake security cameras. You’d be able to deter amateur criminals but you’d fail to scare away expert ones. Expert ones don’t get easily scared when they see security cameras. So much so that they even know ways to interfere with camera footage and break cameras.

3. Fake security cameras give a false sense of security

The last thing that you want is to have a false sense of security. This kind of sense of security is simply wrong on so many levels. There are many things that a person is allowed to have a false sense of, but it should never be on one’s home security. This is the safety and protection of your house that we are talking about. You need a sense of security that is true, reliable, and competent. You need a sense of security that you can depend on at all times. This is simply something that fake security cameras can do. If you truly want your home to be secured, it’s best to simply contact burglar alarm installers and have them install real security cameras.

4. Fake security cameras are not as cheap as you think

It is false to assume that fake security cameras don’t require spending. This is not the case at all. For one, you would still need to invest in a camera, albeit fake. And some can even be pricier than real ones. Such is the case because pricier ones look more real. The more real your camera looks, the more effective it’d be in scaring malicious individuals away. Sometimes, it is better altogether to spend real money on a real camera. A real camera can cost more but it will do so much more for your family’s security. 

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