Security Features to Consider When Building a Home

by | Nov 1, 2016 | blog, Home, Security

Building your home is an exciting and fully customisable way of providing yourself with your perfect place to live. When you build your own home, you are able to choose exactly which features you’d like, and ensure that the layout and design of the property is designed to your own exact requirements, rather than having to look around to find an existing property that fits. But, building your own home from scratch often means that you’ll need to take more into consideration when it comes to security than those buying existing homes. We’ve put together a security checklist for those who are building their own home.


Making sure that the doors through which you can gain access to your new home are secured is one of the first security issues that you will have to deal with. When you are building your home, access will be restricted through the building site, however, having locks on the front and back doors from as soon as they are installed is essential. Click here to learn more about a reputable locksmith serving London and the surrounding areas.

Security Alarm

Having a security alarm in your home should be a top priority on your list. Even before the home is completely finished, installing the security alarm as soon as it is possible is important for ensuring that your property is protected right from the start. Having a security alarm installed throughout the building process can give you additional peace of mind when it comes to preventing site break-ins and tool theft, for example.

Designing the Exterior

When designing the exterior of your home, it’s likely that you’ll have free reign to choose the garden of your dreams. But, when designing your garden, it’s also a good idea to keep security and safety in mind, too. You can increase the security of your home by simply adding garden lights, or lights attached to the side of the home with a motion sensor to alert you to anybody entering the area. Along with this, keeping the amount of dark areas and heavy vegetation to a minimum will ensure that anybody up to no good won’t be able to find anywhere suitable to hide.

Smart Security Systems

If you want to make sure that your new home is as safe and secure as possible, a smart security system is one of the best things that you can invest in. With video cameras and sensors, a smart security system will be able to keep you connected to your home at all times, not only alerting you about any suspected break-ins at home, but other incidents such as flooding, fire, and even burst pipes. Many systems which include security cameras will also allow you to access a live feed of the interior and exterior of your home, something which can be excellent for keeping your eye on your property and a very popular feature with pet owners.

If you’re building your own home, you’ll need to think about adding all of the security features which you’d usually find already installed when buying an existing property. These security features are designed to keep your new dream home as safe as possible.

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