What are the safest door entry systems for flats and apartments?

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Security

Earlier this year, a 74-year-old man was left with a black eye, and other elderly victims have been rendered too frightened to leave their flat because of a unsecure entry system. If incidents like this prove anything, it is that door entry systems are crucial for the security of flats and apartments.

This is why homeowners and landlords need to install the best possible entry systems to ward off potential intruders. The two most popular door systems are audio and video operated, but high-rise security doesn’t stop there; internet protocol (IP) technology is the next step up for increased flat security.

Audio-only entry systems are old news

Audio entry systems are the most recognised entry intercom systems you’d find at entryways of flats. When a visitor arrives at the building, the two-way intercom enables conversation and identification between visitor and tenant before they are “buzzed” in.

While traditional systems usually use a separate handset, companies such as Security 201 have noted that telephone integration is no longer required, as a main gate’s call panel can be connected to an existing telephone line or switchboard. This audio system is suitable for legal properties, businesses and multiple flats. Calls can be diverted to multiple extensions, so that anyone can take charge of the door entry.

Safewise discuss the benefits of a more modern audio entry system designed by ADT. If the two-way voice system is activated once the home’s alarm system has been triggered, two-way hands-free communication and remote monitoring is enabled. This allows a security professional to hear an incident taking place in a property and coordinate an appropriate response remotely, without making it obvious that the occupier is contacting the authorities.

Video door systems are the better option for securing flats 

Video entry systems are more secure than audio as they require visual identification; it is simpler to recognise the visitor through a visual display. Video systems can also double up as a makeshift CCTV system, providing a visual feed of anyone near your building.

Modern video systems can now be streamed directly to a TV, mobile or tablet, enabling identification from anywhere in the house, even when the occupier is out. Some door systems, like Fermax outdoor panels, even feature an integrated automatic lighting system for night vision, which pinpoints unwanted visitors who may wear be wearing taking measures to conceal themselves.

How has IP updated video door systems for flats? 

IP technology is likely to be the future of security networks. Comelit have committed to providing IP enabled video entry systems for 865 apartments at the renovated Battersea Power Station. These will be hooked up to a shared network, and the monitors fitted inside the apartments will be in high resolution colour, with touchscreen capabilities. The renovated power station will have 50 entrances, all fitted with a vandal-proof digital entry panel. Help points will be fitted in car parking areas, so residents are able to communicate with concierge and security more effectively. Perhaps these comprehensive security measures will mark a turning point for new-build security.

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