How to Select the Right Type of Security System for Your Home

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Security

Homeowners spend a significant portion of their wealth in purchasing a house. And when it comes to safeguarding that house, you cannot just rely on a dog. Schambs Management Company advises you have to invest in a security system.

But, things start to complicate when you realize that there are different types of home security systems. If you’re in the home security market and perplexed by the available option, this article might help you out. Learn how to select the right type of security system for your home.

Learn About Your Requirements

Buying anything starts with learning about your requirements. And that remains the same for home security systems. It’s important because there are so many different components to choose from. You’ve got entry sensors, sirens, alarms, cameras, etc.

Decide whether you want a home automation protection system, an intruder protection system, or an environmental monitoring system.

Home automation is the latest innovation and the most advanced form of home security. It can manipulate other components autonomously.

Similarly, intruder protection systems raise alarms when they spot a burglar but do nothing other than that. Studies have found that burglar alarms are not sufficient and can increase burglary risk. Additionally, environmental monitoring sensors and nonhuman anomalies detectors are also available. Hence, choose the most suitable security equipment which you want to install in your home.

Wireless or Hard-wired

The types of home security systems can be divided into two categories: wireless and hard-wired. Wireless systems are getting more popular because of the ease of use. You need not fret about wiring and can install them anywhere you want. The wireless/wired mechanism also applies to how your company is connected to your home components. While they are easy to use, they tend to cost more and have privacy issues

Wired security systems, on the other hand, cost less. The company connects with your security components via an old-school LAN connection. But keep in mind that no security system is strictly wireless or wired. Most of them are hybrid.

Professional Installation or DIY

When buying home security systems, you need to decide whether you want to install them yourself or have them installed by a technician.

In general, most wireless security systems follow a DIY installation process. Just take the components out, install them at specified places, and connect them to a centralized WiFi system.

For wired systems, you need to call in a technician who will drill the holes and set up the system for you.


Some security systems allow for self-monitoring, while others don’t. With managed monitoring, you can have your company watch over your house and answer the call for you—all of this for a monthly fee.

In the case of self-monitoring, you’d have to do everything on your own. So it’s a decision you need to make beforehand.


Almost all security system providers have a contract in place. When you take up their system, you must abide by this contract period. You can cancel it before the contract period is over, but expect to pay a cancellation fee.

The average contract length is 36 months, with a few companies offering less than 12 months. So decide if you want to lock yourself for that duration.

The security equipment market is continuously evolving. You’ll have more types of home security systems in the future to choose from. But the buying process stays the same. You have to understand your requirements, set a budget, and buy accordingly.

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