Easy Ways to Speed up Your Internet Connection

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Security

Fast internet is essential in the proper running of your business. Everyone today wants to use a faster and reliable internet, whether uploading a video on YouTube or watching a favorite movie on Netflix. But did you know there are ways you can do-it-yourself and enhance your internet speed? If you’ve heard this for the first time, keep reading and learn about simple hacks you can apply wherever you are.

And if you don’t want to commit to a contractual agreement with your internet service provider, cheap sim only deals can help you pay for what you use. If you see your internet slow down on you when you least expect it, you can apply tips.

Give your router a break

Plan every month to reset your router to refresh the internet connection. But only do so when you start to experience poor connection, and if the problem persists, reset the device every time the internet speed is affected.

If you have a separate modem from your router, refresh the internet by resetting it. When you reset your modem, it stimulates your connection to your internet service provider, and then turning it off and on is what activates the speed back.

Another way to make the reset process easy is to automate the process by connecting a programmable time to the modem and router. The timer automates the system on and off on your behalf, and you enjoy an internet connection uninterrupted. You can program the timer to refresh the system at night when you are asleep to avoid interfering with the internet flow. Doing it at night allows you to start a new day with fresh internet to spend the whole day without a single issue.

Also, as you reset your modem and router, understand that does not magically make it bring speed in your connection, but it restores normalcy.

Consider your data Cap

Data caps can make your connection impossible by slowing your internet speed to a halt. And you’ll see ISP never tell this to their customers, and if you are not aware, it can mess up with your internet connection.

What is a data cap? The data cap is a limitation set by ISP companies to their customers to exceed certain limits every month. When you reach your data limit and the month is not over yet, ISP restricts your internet speeds. You will realize it after you see changes in your internet speed all over sudden go down.

In case you are not aware of whether your data plan is designed with a data cap, check your bills. It is most likely to be outlined in the bill. And if you realize your data usage per month is more than the given range, talk to your ISP and upgrade to a higher plan to end the data cap menace.

Use Efficient Browser

When working or interacting online and you like to have many tabs open on your browser, it’s time to have a backup browser to avoid slow internet issues. Browsers like Opera streamlines data on the web pages to give users an uninterrupted browsing experience.

When your usual browser slows things down for you, Opera can save your day. You may not use opera daily, but it can put a smile on you when the data connection is terrible.

Consider Ethernet

From offices, homes, and restaurants next door uses Wi-Fi nowadays because of their convenience. However, wireless connections are not always at a reliable speed. That’s why you need to consider cabled connections such as Ethernet, which is a faster and reliable connection than wireless ones.

Ethernet is designed through cabling by directly connecting to your preferred device without relying on the air transmissions. Therefore, looking for a stable connection for your business or home office Ethernet will serve you better. These are the devices you can connect to Ethernet:

Ø  Desktop

Ø  Laptop

Ø  PlayStation or any other gaming console


Ethernet is good for people who love streaming heavy media content through TV and others. Additionally, Ethernet is more secure than a wireless option, so your data is secure and makes it hard for e-criminals to tap into your information.

Use Clear Cache Plugin

If you hear about the clear cache plugin, you need to research more about it and install it. When you visit from one site to another and leave your information there, browsers tend to gather your data in the form of cookies. And that’s why you see marketers use that information to better target you with relevant stuff depending on your browsing behavior.

Probably have seen certain Ads trail your movement on the web, then that’s the concept behind cookies. If you want to get rid of the cookies from tracking your browsing journey, make sure you clear the cache on your browser. It is possible to clear manually, but a clear cache plugin, especially on Chrome browser, makes your work easier.

All you need to do is clear your cache daily or weekly to eliminate accumulated data to avoid internet speed limitations.

Look for another Service Provider

You may try all the tricks to speed up the internet, but the problem could be the service provider. Trying various tips to get a good internet connection is a good idea since it costs you nothing. However, if all the tricks fail to bear fruit regardless of how many times you try, consider another internet service provider.

Nowadays, it is easier to identify various service providers on the web by checking users’ reviews. Make sure you search ISP that resonates with your internet needs and reliable speed. The research is crucial to avoid switching to a similar service provider you had before. Or end up changing from one ISP to another without getting any positive results.


Slow internet can hurt when you experience speed issues, and probably you rely on the internet to run a business. When things seem unfavorable for your internet connection, try the tips above and see whether they will enhance a stable internet.

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