5 Steps To Secure Your Empty Property

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Home, Security

It is no surprise that empty properties are far more vulnerable and at risk of damage than a property which has people living in it all through the year. If you own an empty property, take note of these 5 steps and you will quickly eliminate the worry of your property being suspect to any problems or break-ins.

Maintain Your Garden

An overgrown garden is a very obvious sign that your property is vacant. While you are away for long periods of time, make sure that you hire a gardener to keep your garden intact to give the impression that someone is living in the property and looks after it. Your front garden in particular is something that potential burglars will notice straight away. Ensuring that your property is loved and cared for all through the year is a simple yet effective way to secure your empty property.

Check Your Security System

If your property currently has no security system, then it is extremely important to install one right away. Technology is so advanced these days that you can purchase a system which sends alerts right to your phone when any suspicious activity takes place. Showing off that you have an alarm system will also warn off burglars as they won’t want the hassle of having to break an alarm system! If you want to go the extra mile, then install CCTV cameras so that you can keep an eye (literally) on your property at all times.

Hire A Guardian

If the idea of having a vacant property for a long period of time will cause you a lot of unnecessary worry, then it is worth considering hiring a property guardian. Guardians not only secure empty properties but they also keep the property running throughout the year so that there are no maintenance problems which escalate from neglect. Having someone living in your empty property is a very practical decision and also gives someone the chance of having comfortable accommodation for minimal costs.

Befriend Neighbours

If your property is in a residential area, then it is worth getting in to contact with your neighbours. A good relationship with your neighbours will mean that they will happily keep an eye on your property while you are away from home, reporting anything unusual. This is particularly helpful in the unfortunate case that you get a broken window, as solving this problem quickly will prevent further issues like squatters and theft.

Make Use Of Lighting

Lighting is an excellent way of giving the illusion that someone is living in your home, and there is no excuse to not take advantage of this while you are away. Exterior lighting will emphasise the fact that you have a security system when it is dark and also make it very hard for burglars to be discreet. As well as this, having interior lighting on set-timers will give the illusion that someone is in at all times!

Protecting your vacant property is very important and will prevent maintenance problems and the threat of squatters and theft. With these 5 simple tips in mind, you are well on your way to having a secure property all year round.

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