Keeping up with swimming pool maintenance

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Outdoor

Being responsible for swimming pool maintenance may seem like a lot but if you follow a few simple steps, it is possible to have a well-balanced, clean pool with minimal effort.

Keep it neutral

The first thing to check when maintaining your pool is the pH level of the water. Remember, having water that’s too acidic or alkaline could lead to ongoing problems. It could cause damage to the materials in the pool such as the ladder or some types of tiles. More importantly, those seeking a relaxing time in the pool will instead be met with stinging eyes or sore skin.

Check the pH level regularly, ensuring it is around 7.4 to 7.6. This is the ideal level for a decent pool to protect both swimmers and the pool equipment. For increased efficiency, consider investing in dosing pumps to take the guesswork out of it.

Keep a tidy area

If you let debris build up around the edges of the pool, it can easily fall in and contaminate the water. One day you will have a clean, comfortable pool; the next, swimming will come with a mouthful of dead insects.

Take the time each day to sweep around the pool and remove any large puddles for safety. If the pool is closed for winter, take extra time to clean around the pool when opening it again in spring. That way you can save yourself effort later in the year and give your filters and other equipment its best chance of working well.

Set up a schedule to check your pumps, filters, and pool ladders. By taking the time to plan when you will investigate for any problems, you will find issues before they become expensive and severe. Regular maintenance of the equipment extends its life, saving money in the long run.Choosing the best pool skimmer can really help with lost term cost savings – .

Pay attention to the details

There are many ways to discover problems in the pool before they become a true issue.

Taking a regular look at the tiles is a good indicator on whether your pool is well-balanced. If the pH balance is off, you may see marks or damage to the tiles. Check them regularly for any missing or chipped tiles which could be an indication that a full maintenance check is required.

Vacuuming the pool as often as necessary helps keep the pool clear of grime and debris that builds up naturally in an open environment. Make sure to follow the instructions closely so the water is not dirtied more than when the vacuuming started!

By following these steps and creating a regular schedule of maintenance, a pool can stay clean for much longer. Remember to follow all the relevant safety tips to ensure the pool remains healthy as do the swimmers visiting the pool.

A swimming pool is a major responsibility but by keeping up with the routine maintenance, the effort becomes far more manageable for the average pool owner.

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