Garden Office Design Inspiration by Dome Photography

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Outdoor


Outdoor flat pack homes don’t have to be as the name suggests. The self-build nature of these buildings means that they are built to your own taste – and your own practicality.

In order to provide you with some information on how you can create, design and furnish your own flat pack building, we thought we’d share these gorgeous outdoor garden offices, shown by Dome Photography. Who said that offices had to be boring?

garden-room-2 garden-room-3

One of our favourite features about this outdoor office is how the external features compliment the outdoor space. The oak-themed exterior looks stunning against the grass and we can slightly see how the interior is used to provide the homeowner with extra, practical space outside the home.

garden-rooms-4 garden-rooms-5 garden-rooms-6

There’s also this beautiful external office that has provided a property with a functional outdoor area to complete business or studying activities. The interior has been kitted out with desks, chairs and tables, whilst still providing enough space to not feel overcrowded.

Now, that is an office we’d love to work in!

garden-rooms-9 garden-rooms-8 garden-rooms-7

Although we love the idea of having our own office in the comfort of our own home, sometimes we just need to relax. That’s why we love this design idea, which has transformed the extra space provided by the external building into a relaxing area.

A great feature that’s worth taking from this is the decking area. Instead of having the building stand alone in the garden, additional decking is featured around the structure to provide extra practicality that can be used for hosting and alfresco dining in the summer months.

garden-rooms-10 garden-rooms-11

As you can see, there are some gorgeous design ideas to be taken from Dome Photography. You can start your own today by creating your very own flat pack home, and tailor it to your own personal needs – no matter what they may be!

If you need a helping hand on how to get started with your own design, we’ve got a Flat Pack Guide that we’re sure can be of assistance.

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