You Can Construct This Type of Building With Your Mates Over a Weekend

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Community, Outdoor

With a couple mates and free weekend, you can erect a functional, handsome shed that perfectly complements your existing house.

Don’t believe it? Easy-to-assemble metal sheds are taking the DIY community by storm. If you’re an experienced builder, you’ll have no trouble putting one together on your property in no time. If you’re a building novice, a build-it-yourself metal shed is the perfect introductory project.

Why are steel sheds so easy to construct? And why should you want one on your property? Let’s count the ways:

They Come in Pre-Cut Pieces

Metal sheds come in pre-measured pieces. You don’t need to purchase or rent an expensive, hard-to-move table saw or sanding equipment to assemble your structure. All you need to do is take delivery of the pieces and put them together according to the instructions. If you prefer not to do all the hard work yourself, never fear: Full-service metal building firms have capable professionals at the ready for onsite fabrication jobs.

They Don’t Require an Advanced Degree to Secure

Metal sheds are less complicated to assemble and secure than traditional wood or concrete buildings.

Wooden sheds always require foundations, adding to the cost and complexity of the build. Not all metal sheds require foundations, and it’s routine to secure those that do. Moreover, metal-frame pieces are straightforward to secure — you don’t need to complete an apprenticeship (or earn an advanced degree) to get the job done.

They Produce Little Waste During the Construction Process

Since metal sheds require no onsite cutting or machining, the build process itself produces little waste. Moreover, metal sheds designed after Quonset or Nissen huts are prepacked to include only the framing and fastening materials needed for the job itself — meaning no extra lengths of wood or sacks of concrete lying around after the project is complete.

What Else Is Great About Steel Buildings?

  • They’re Eco-Friendly. Metal sheds are amenable to passive heating and cooling schemes that reduce onsite energy consumption. Metal finish and paint last longer than wood paint and finish, too, which means less consumption of volatile organic compounds.
  • They Resist Fire, Wind, and Other Natural Perils. Metal sheds are exceptional in their resistance to high wind (up to Category 4 hurricane force, in some cases), fire, earthquakes, and other natural perils.
  • They Last a Literal Lifetime. Properly maintained metal sheds can last for decades — often outliving the homeowners or business owners who built them. If you quite literally want to bequeath a physical legacy to the next generation, well…
  • They Stand Up to Pests and Water Damage. Steel buildings resist infiltration by pests, rainwater, groundwater, and other mundane perils that can seriously damage wood, brick, and concrete structures over time — not to mention wreak havoc on asphalt shingle roofs.

Is a Steel Building in Your Future?

Steel buildings are affordable to purchase, easy to assemble, and durable beyond all reason. In other words, they’re perfect for frugal DIYers who prefer to spend time enjoying their homes and outbuildings, not maintaining them. And they’re not half bad for the environment, either. Perhaps it’s time to consider one adding one to your property.

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