Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

by | May 20, 2022 | Outdoor

LED Recessed Soffit Lights

Every homeowner wishes to have a beautiful backyard with an indoor-outdoor living space for those family barbecues and get-togethers. When one finally has the backyard space to design an outdoor space, the electricals are a big point of concern as the outdoors does not have the luxury of protection from fluctuating temperatures or weather conditions.

Similar to specially designed outdoor appliances and electronics for your outdoor kitchen, bar, and sitting space, LED recessed soffit lights, also known as LED can light are a type of light designed to be installed outside the house to provide lighting. LED lights have a led display panel that provides the light using light-emitting diodes installed in a circular opening in the soffit. They can be used as narrow spotlights all the way up to large-sized floodlights to produce your desired effect.

Advantages of LED Lights

LED lights are becoming the preferred option over fluorescent lights and traditional incandescent bulbs due to a large number of reasons, the biggest one being energy efficiency. These bulbs require much less voltage and don’t heat up as much. On average, a LED bulb lasts over 50,000 hours; compare that to the 1200 hours of an incandescent bulb and you already see the savings adding up in your bank account. Another cost-effective aspect is that this type of lighting doesn’t flicker or burn out at the end of its life; rather it dims down indicating the need for a bulb change.

LED lighting is aesthetical and more pleasing to look at; it does not require additional protection and covers as it is resistant to extreme weather and even works better in cold weather, contrary to other lights which do the opposite. Normal bulbs require time to heat up before they turn on which can be an issue in cold weather, LEDs do. Additionally, if you have an outdoor TV or speakers, the vibrations won’t damage the bulb; you wouldn’t be wrong to consider it party-friendly. Being cool to the touch and durably made out of plastic instead of glass, it is safe to use around children, plants, and pets and doesn’t contain mercury like CFL bulbs which allows easy disposal. The best part about summer is the time spent outside; the worst part is the insects. Bugs are specifically attracted to UV lights, using LED lights is an outdoor-friendly option as it does not attract bugs the same way as some other types of lighting. The lower carbon emissions and less waste from less disposed of bulbs add to the appeal; for perspective, one LED bulb can replace 41 incandescent bulbs.

A Light-emitting diode is very tiny, about the size of a grain of pepper so, in order to create white light, many different shades of diodes are used together; this means they’re customizable to suit the aesthetic of your house with the hue of lighting that suits it best. The small size allows them to be fit anywhere snuggly if you don’t wish to attract too much attention to it and take up minimal space. However, despite the small size, they pack a punch and emit the brightest light out of all the options available on the market.

The advancement in technology has not only given us these hefty little lights but also made them extremely convenient to use. They can be connected to our phones via Bluetooth and the brightness and hue can easily be adjusted without having to climb your beautiful countertops and do it manually. The Bluetooth technology isn’t going to be damaged either as the light has an airtight cover which makes it waterproof and protects it from the rain, as long as the actual soffit is dry, the light is fine therefore, it is important to ensure that the roof isn’t leaking before you install a LED or any light in general.

Don’t let the initial cost of LED installation scare you away from reaping the amazing benefits. The cost pays off over its life very easily. One company replaced the lights in its parking lot with LED lighting and reduced annual maintenance costs by $1100 and this doesn’t even include the 75% energy savings! The investment is well worth it and you won’t have to do a lot of hardware and wiring work to install it. Lastly, if at any point you decide to sell your house, the modern lighting adds to the curb appeal of your house; simple tweaks and good lighting highlighting all the beautiful areas will surely give a great first impression to buyers.

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