Benefits of Choosing Recycled Aggregates

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The global urbanization rate continues to increase with each passing day. Even though urbanization brings numerous benefits, we should always consider environmental sustainability. The construction industry significantly contributes to landfill waste, climate change, and global energy use. Keeping this in mind, it is not surprising that many building firms look for ways to reduce their adverse environmental impact. How exactly can we benefit from utilizing recycled aggregates? Let’s take a look at some of their benefits they offer.

Recycled Aggregates Briefly Explained

Some individuals might think that recycled aggregate has lower quality than its non-recycled counterparts, which is false. With the help of the efficient concrete recycling process, the recycled end product retains its quality. Let’s explore the process in greater detail to help you understand how it works.

The Aggregate Recycling Process

Scrap aggregates of various sizes get fed through a machine that reduces them to a much smaller size. The equipment utilized accomplishes this task by crushing large aggregate chunks. After this process, the crushed material will then go through an air classifier for filtration. Only after these processes will the aggregate turn into the high-quality recycled product we know today.

Benefits of Choosing Recycled Aggregates

For those who are still unconvinced that they should opt for recycled aggregate, these are some of the many benefits you’ll get.


The procedures involved in the other aggregate-production methods can be very harmful to the environment. On the other hand, recycled aggregates help in environmental preservation. The majority of harvesting methods not only consume our natural resources but also generate toxic by-products. By recycling non-virgin materials, doing these things is not necessary.

Lower Costs

Recycled aggregates derive from cheap materials and require minimal processing. Keeping these things in mind, you can expect that these recycled products would cost less than the traditional variants. On top of that, the quality of recycled aggregate continues to improve each passing year. Going for this alternative is ideal for individuals who value cost-effectiveness in their projects.

No Compromise on Durability

If you worry about the possibility of infrastructure damages in the future, you can rest assured they won’t happen. The structure of recycled aggregate is on par with that of non-recycled products. A recycled variant might even last longer than the others. Choosing a reprocessed alternative doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll lose out on durability.

Money-Saving Opportunities

Getting aggregates the conventional way usually incurs freight charges to have them delivered. Most of the time, the delivery costs for recycled aggregate are much cheaper. Moreover, recycled aggregate providers are probably close by as well. For property owners who have leftover or scrap aggregates, you can have them recycled instead. Doing this eliminates all tipping fees involved in aggregate disposal.


There’s no denying that recycled aggregate products offer eco-friendly and inexpensive options to numerous construction sites within the UK. Aside from getting more of your money’s worth by opting for recycled aggregate, you’ll also assist in environmental sustainability. The majority of providers give their customers a wide range of options from which to choose. When it comes to getting aggregates Essex residents won’t go wrong in choosing recycled variants.

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