Beautiful Village Gardens by Amanda Patton


Designing a garden isn’t easy – we know. No matter how large or small your garden is, it can be difficult to find a way to transform your outdoor space into somewhere that you’d like to spend all your spare time.

However, we found these beautiful images by landscape and garden designer Amanda Patton and we’re sure that you’ll feel as inspired as us to put on your gardening boots and shop for flower seeds:

Water Features




As we can see in the image directly above, the garden uses water features. This is a great tip used by landscape designers to create a feeling of relaxation and ambience in the external area – and it looks great on the eye!

Adding water features into your own garden doesn’t have to take up much space, either. A trickling water fountain can do the same trick. Just make sure that it’s topped up with water, which won’t be a tricky task in rainy England.

Seating Areas




One thing that many homeowners look to incorporate in their garden is a seating area. They can be used for alfresco dining, parties or just simply giving you an area to relax and read a book.

This garden has used a patio to host a beautiful garden table and chair set, along with wooden benches to tie-in with the natural theme. There’s also a hammock set around the garden if you want something a little comfier!




As we can see, this garden is one of dreams. We love the way the colours complement each other, and we can see ourselves retreating to the garden if we need to de-stress.

What type of features do you like to include in your garden?


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