7 Tips to Build Your Own Self Build Garden Cabin

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Outdoor

Rather than take on the humongous of building a garden cabin, some people ease the task by buying self-build garden cabin kits. These utilities can be found in major stores across the country readily available for clients, as opposed to gathering specific materials yourself for example retractable sun awnings. Phoenix landscapers argue that even with the availability of kits, the assembly isn’t so straightforward hence the need for a step-by-step guide to building your own self-build garden cabin:

  1. Start by getting the desired kit from suppliers near you. They are available in different styles and sizes, and some come with accessories for that desired special touch. Roof coverings also differ with the brand and style with feather-edge and slate being the most common. Make sure the kit you ordered comes with all parts that you need for a complete cabin.
  2. Next, checks out the “outbuildings government portal” to know which kind of structures are allowed in the outdoor without prior planning permission. If your area allows it, gather your tools, the instruction manuals and get started.
  3. Prepare for installation by laying the foundation and piers that should be poured below the frost line.
  4. First in place should be the joist followed by subflooring. Flooring should be installed horizontally from the joists’ direction.
  5. With this in place, you need to install the panels one at a time until all four are standing. You will need some tools like a hammer to join panels together and ensure that the structure is strong enough against rough winds. Since it’s a wooden cabin, the panels will need a weatherproof membrane to keep out moisture and good insulation also makes it comfortable inside.
  6. Now, your structure is taking shape but you need to have a roof in place for extra protection from the elements. Get the pre-cut gable ends in place using a hammer and some nails. Next, comes the ridge to create a strong structure for the rafters. Then you should carefully install dormers and ceiling boards according to instructions that came with your kit. Follow this action by weathering your roof with waterproof materials before moving on to the decorative aspects of your cabin.
  7. The last stage of placing cladding on the outer walls should be done carefully as it defines the aesthetics in the result. Options include cottage log cabin, feathered edge, hung tile and cottage log cabins among others. It is at this point that you install doors, windows, and work on the interior to create the desired effect in your finished cabin.

To make the work easier and speed up the process you may enlist help from a friend. The acquaintance will help you move the pieces and hold ends for better alignment. According to pros, patience is necessary with a DIY project such as this. You may need help from local experts to install sockets or laying the trimmings. Depending on the brand, some kits may come with extras like engineered wooden flooring, upper beds, ladders and storage area, dormer window kits among others.

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