6 Gardening Tools Every Gardener Needs In Their Arsenal

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Outdoor

Growing your garden and caring for it is seldom an easy task. Cultivating one’s garden often requires a lot of energy, time and skillfulness. Still, all the knowledge and skill go to waste if you don’t have the right tools with you for the job. Without the proper tools, not only do you risk jeopardizing your lovely little garden, but also your well-being, since you could easily get hurt using the tools that are not intended for a particular garden task. Therefore, check out this list with the essential gardening tools.

Here are 6 tools every gardener needs in their arsenal:


When you are planning to get down to digging, be prepared and grab a good old spade! Especially if you are working in a vegetable garden, this handy tool is indispensable for turning over and scooping out the soil. Opt for a sharpshooter shovel that enables you to work even on rocky soil thanks to its thin blade. Moreover, if you are dealing with clay soil, then, using a kombi shovel could just be the best choice, since it has serrated edges that break through any type of soil.  When buying your shovel, make sure it’s not too heavy for you.


Although many gardeners often forget about using them, a good pair of gloves is always worth your money. With them, you can finish your gardening tasks fast and spare yourself from getting any bruises and cuts. Give a thought to using synthetic gloves for weeding and seeding the soil. These gloves are also washable, so there’s no need to spend money on another pair. Leather gloves are perfect for heavy tasks such as digging and carrying. Thanks to these gloves, you needn’t worry about blisters on your hands. However, if you are working in harsh weather conditions, waterproof gloves are a must.

Weeding tools

Your vegetable garden won’t be perfect unless all the weeds are removed with care. For this task, you will need a standard weeding tool, for example, a hoe, especially if you are looking to clear the soil from the unwanted roots or crop residues. If you want to clear just the top surface from leaves and other debris, then, a simple leaf rake can just do the trick. Still, if you wish to prepare the soil before the planting, then, a bow rake shall help you level and clear the soil. Plastic rakes are affordable and light, while metal rakes are more durable.

Small garden tools

A small garden tool you just cannot do without is a hand fork. It’s also practical for tedious weeding and planting tasks. Not to mention if you are dealing with hard clay soil. Another small garden tool that is equally important is a hand trowel , for example, a hand trowel with a colored handle makes digging and moving the soil a lot easier, because it can be easily spotted anywhere in your garden. When purchasing a trowel, choose the one that has a forged top, preferably from stainless steel, since it’s far more durable.

Cutting tools

When cutting, proper scissors and sharp pruners are all you need! Having a nice pair of garden scissors is a first step to keeping your herbs fresh and enabling their growth. Pruners should have crossover blades as well as a safety catch so as to close them and prevent any mishaps. Along with garden pruners, consider using a pruning saw for small cutting tasks e.g. branches and shrubs. There are different types of pruning saws, so you can choose the one with a fixed or folding blade. Loppers are inevitable if you are cutting long twigs and hard-to-reach branches.

Garden Hose

The last but not least, a high-quality garden hose should definitely be in your arsenal. Although its price may vary, avoid choosing the cheapest option because you’ll need it to last for many years to come. For example, look for flexible rubber hose that can reach almost any place in your garden. Since rubber is elastic, adjustable and light, it is a better investment than opting for a cheaper plastic alternative. Make sure to attach a hose-end sprayer that shall enable you to water the plants located in higher places such as flowers in hanging baskets.

This is all you need!

These are the essential gardening tools you cannot do without! Be prepared with the right shovel. Think about your safety and put the garden gloves on! Remove all the weeds easily and plant the seeds for the next season using rakes and a garden hoe. The importance of small garden tools, as well as pruners, cannot be more emphasized. In the end, water your garden and clean it from all the debris using the right garden hose.

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