5 Tips to Deal With A Noisy Sewage Treatment Plant in 2022

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Outdoor

Domestic sewage treatment plants are the need of the hour. The amount of polluted effluents that are eliminated into the environment without being treated is enormous and slowly destroying the world.

If you’ve already got a sewage treatment plant at your home, you’re doing your part in protecting the environment. However, while eliminating harmful pollutants from your home’s wastewater, the sewage treatment system is contributing to a different kind of pollution – Noise Pollution. 

It’s not only bad for you but also for the people nearby and of course, the environment. 

On the other hand, if you’ve had it installed in your garden, we’re pretty certain that the noise has been causing you a lot of trouble and you aren’t able to enjoy a peaceful time in your garden. Don’t worry though, we’re here to the rescue. 

In this article, you will find five useful tips that will help you with sewage treatment plant noise reduction and allow you to relax in your home without any disturbances.

Find The Source Of The Noise

Before you begin looking around for solutions to deal with your noisy sewage treatment plant, the first thing you need to do is look for the source of the noise.  In most cases, it can be coming from the air blower in your sewage system as it requires a piston to push oxygen into the wastewater in an attempt to treat it. 

Furthermore, if your air blower housing is not optimised to contain the noise, it can further enhance the volume and intensity of the noise. For that reason, it is essential for you to establish the source. 

Once you’ve figured out where the nose is coming from, follow the tips mentioned below to effectively reduce the noise produced by your domestic sewage treatment plant.

1. Installing an Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) Unit

Probably the most effective method to deal with your noisy sewage system is to install an AVR unit. The unit works like a sound-deadening system that is installed between the compressor and the air diffuser to significantly reduce the noise and vibration from your wastewater treatment system. 

However, presently there’s only one company in the world that manufactures the AVR unit and it’s called Whisspurr. Honestly, the name does great justice to the device as its installation takes care of the noise problem once and for all. This means, you’ll never have to worry about your sewage system ever again. 

2. Using a Cushioning Agent

Upon detection, if you find out that the vibration from the air blower is causing the air blower housing to resonate with the noise, you can simply install a piece of sponge or some other kind of cushioning to prevent that from happening.

3. Replace or Change the Air Blower Housing

Most air blowers in the domestic sewage treatment plants are housed by a simple glass reinforced plastic box, which is not all that efficient in noise reduction. Instead, you can change the housing and opt for an alternative that absorbs the noise and prevents it from getting out. 

A brick built air blower housing can be an effective way to reduce the noise. 

4. Change The Air Blower

Although most sewage treatment plant manufacturers use the best quality air blowers in their systems, there is a small possibility that the air blower installed in your domestic treatment plant is of a cheaper and low quality, and is consequently, making more noise.

Hence, we advise you to check your air blower and if required, replace it with a more effective one. 

5. Change The Location Of The Air Blower Housing

Another strategy you can use to prevent noise pollution from your air blower housing is to install it under the lid of the tank. This will considerably reduce the noise and allow you to enjoy a quiet, peaceful house without much effort.

Bottom Line

All of the above-mentioned ideas can greatly help you reduce the noise emanating from your domestic sewage treatment plant. 

However, if you are having trouble executing any of the solutions that we just provided you with, you can simply call a local technician to help you with it. Or, get in touch with the best AVR unit manufacturers in the world.

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