UK Renewable Heat Industry Reduces Costs for Homeowners, Creates Jobs

by | Jul 24, 2014 | News

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An estimated 18,000 UK homeowners could already benefit from the government’s new Renewable Heat Incentive. The programme, which offers payments for homes that install renewable heat technologies, launched earlier this month after over two years of delays.

Although the recent Renewable Heat Incentive is targeted primarily at homeowners, the benefits of the UK’s new focus on renewable heat span far beyond the residential housing sector. A new renewable heat industry is emerging in the UK, and it’s saving money for homeowners and businesses while creating jobs at the same time.

Commercial buildings across the UK are investing in renewable energy, encouraged by the significant savings offered under government programmes aimed at building owners and companies. The savings offered by renewable heat are immense – one Manchester-based company is saving upwards of £7,000 per year on heating.

The company, S.V. Rutter Limited, announced that it’s saving more than £7,000 per year since installing a £45,000 heating system. The 800 square meter building has switched from traditional radiators to infrared heating panels, lowering its annual energy spending substantially due to the transition.

The UK’s renewable energy sector is also booming on the supply side. Erad Systems Limited, another Manchester-based business, recently received a £2 million loan to further develop its infrared heating technology. The company believes it will create over 300 jobs throughout the region as it develops and markets the technology.

Meanwhile, some of the country’s oldest buildings have benefited from the switch to renewable heat. Colchester Castle in Essex, which was built on a Roman temple site in 1075, closed for a year recently to complete a £4.2 million renovation, including the installation of an underfloor heating system.

The castle’s new heating system uses coils to warm the building. Tom Hodgson, the project manager of the recent redevelopment, claims that the system is safe for the castle to use and will keep the centuries-old fabric carpets safe and sound. The new heating system is one of many of the castle’s new energy efficient features.

With the cost of traditional energy sources on the rise, renewable heat continues to be an attractive investment for homeowners and businesses alike. The growth of the UK’s renewable energy industry has many benefits, from reducing energy costs for homeowners to creating thousands of beneficial green energy-related jobs.

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