Leisure Pods

What are the benefits of leisure pods?

  • Environmentally friendly

High quality engineered windows and flooring making it environmentally friendly. The structure is sturdy so there is less noise pollution or damage possibility.

  • Unique design to meet individual needs

Can be manufactured to your bespoke needs and fully furnished with kitchen, bunk beds and decking.

  • Quick and easy

They are constructed, delivered and set up ready to occupy. They can be easily relocated and positioned where caravans or tents cannot be positioned.

  • Little maintenance

You don’t need to take it down afterwards like a tent and it cuts down on the amount of camping equipment needed. No mechanical parts need replacing.

  • Privacy and security

Much more private and secure than a tent so you can have peace of mind belongings are safe.

  • Affordable

Cheaper than caravans and are ideal for all year-round.

Here at Flatpackhouses.co.uk we specialise in manufacturing high quality, affordable leisure pods to meet your needs and budget. Have your own natural camping solution created as a sumptuous alternative and fill in the form today to request a call back from the experts.

Looking for a stylish alternative to tents and caravans? 

A leisure pod will enhance a holiday:

• Elegant holiday retreat
• Secure, dry and comfortable
• Affordable outdoor shelter
• Perfect all year round

The camping phenomenon is taking the UK by storm and leisure pods are the ultimate camping facility. They are fast becoming a popular substitute for tents and caravans and because the building is fully insulated they are sustainable and great for holidaying throughout the year.

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