Your Guide On How To Be A Good Neighbour 

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There is nothing that we all would love more than to live in a neighbourhood that is peaceful and friendly. It is often a dream for many to reside somewhere where people can easily get along with each other and are kind. 

While this is a dream we all share, more often than not, we don’t stop to think whether we are being ideal neighbours. To live in a peaceful and friendly neighbourhood, we need to adopt some etiquettes that make us good neighbours in the first place.

It does not take a lot of effort on your end to make your own living experience less miserable. 

Let’s take a look at a few tips on how you can be a good neighbour and contribute to making your neighbourhood the best it can be.

5 Tips On Being A Good Neighbour

1. Controlling Noise Levels

Having noisy neighbours is not fun for anyone, which is why excessive noise related complaints are fairly common. It is important to be respectful to your neighbours and be sensitive to the noise you make at home. 

From obvious sources like loud television noises to septic air pump noise from domestic sewage treatment plants, you may be contributing to noise pollution in your own neighbourhood. Having pets like dogs who bark a lot or having lots of loud parties can also be a cause for complaint.

To consciously be a better neighbour, you can try to mind the noise your television and other appliances make, or keep them away from partitioned walls to control sound flow. It helps to be extra mindful at the night-time so as to avoid disrupting your neighbours’ sleep schedules. 

2. Parking Rules and Etiquette

A lot of the time, the most common arguments that occur among neighbours are related to parking. Sometimes, parking spots or facilities may not work out as planned for you and can get you into some arguments. 

However, it is good practice to follow the proper parking etiquettes. For example, if you are parking your vehicle on the street, you could be conscious about parking properly and being aware of the space other vehicles may need. You may not also get to park your car in front of your home at all times. 

It also helps to be mindful about driveways and actively making sure that your vehicle is not blocking your neighbour’s access to their own home. Make sure you park any extra vehicles at a free spot instead of taking up your neighbours’ parking spots. 

3. Being Friendly and Welcoming

If you want to be a good neighbour, you should take an opportunity to get out and mingle with others in your neighbourhood. Attend local events and fests and get to know the others better. Take a moment to stop and greet a neighbour that you bump into as it helps make a good impression.

You could also volunteer to help at local events or get involved in organising them. You could also throw your very own party or a social gathering to get to know everyone better. This gives you a chance to meet everybody all at once.

4. Helping Out

If you are skilled at something, be it fixing car engines or baking delicious cupcakes, you could use your skills to help around in the neighbourhood. There will often be instances where your neighbours need help with something, and if you have a solution for them, why not help out?

The more you help out with small favours, the more help you will receive. If you are perceived as someone who is friendly, kind, helpful and sociable, you will be more easily liked and your neighbours will be more willing to help you out when you need it. 

5. Maintaining Cleanliness 

Nobody likes a neighbour who keeps their house and lawns unclean. No matter where you live, it is your responsibility to keep your house and the surrounding areas clean. Make sure you regularly trim and maintain your lawns and make your home look welcoming and clean.

It also helps to put up decorations from time to time, for example, putting up Christmas decor to join in on the Christmas spirit. Make sure you don’t litter and properly train any pets you might have. It’s always a good idea to keep things tidy and hygienic for your own health as well.

To Sum Up

While these are just some general tips on how you can be a good neighbour, you may already have a few ideas yourself on how you can be more valuable in your own community. 

Make sure you keep these tips in mind so you can be a part of a kind, peaceful and friendly neighbourhood. 

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