When Is Moving House The Right Thing For Your Family?

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Home

The decision to move house is a big one, bringing a rare concoction of nerves and anxieties along with it.

Those feelings are intensified when you’re not only deciding for yourself, but for your family members also. Still, it’s worth reminding yourself that moving house is a positive step forward, designed to ensure that everybody in your bubble has the best quality of life possible.

But how can you be certain that you’re doing the right thing? We’ve listed a few pointers to help you below.

Declining Social Lives

As time goes on, the needs for a balanced social life change.

Families can be great company, but a healthy pool of friends is required also. If you all live in a rural, isolated area, it might be time to switch things up a gear and move. This is especially true if your kids are growing up, wanting to socialise with a wider range of people. New faces can be a great way to refresh your social circles, and your lives overall!

Unfortunately, things might not end in one place by just having a few friendships fizzle out. The BBC reported in late 2019 that a fifth of young people were experiencing bullying, further publishing worrying statistics surrounding their mental health. Sometimes, moving to a new house can be a necessary precaution if you have a child who is experiencing a similar ordeal. Of course, you as an adult should not tolerate bullying either. If the area you are living in suddenly feels rather hostile, then a fresh start might be in order.

Living Closer to Family

You may not have kids, but instead your parents or grandparents may be struggling in a part of the country alone.

Moving to live closer to family is quite common, and sometimes it can be the right thing for you all. Whether you want to repay their kindness during your youth or you simply want to make the most of your time with them during their twilight years, a quick move can bring you all together again.

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Chasing Opportunities

If you or your partner has recently acquired a new job opportunity, then moving is almost a no-brainer decision.

The chance to further a career doesn’t come around all that often, and it’s important that the professional life of your significant other is respected and nurtured to the full. Otherwise, that constantly nagging feeling of ‘what if’ will plague the two of you forever. The income increase may be worth it too, especially if you’re funding the needs of a family.

Still, some people put these kinds of decisions on hold, citing affordability or family ties as the reason for staying local or denying opportunities. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may have other pressing matters rooting you to your current location. That’s all valid, but if you’re free of heavier responsibilities, a move could be just the right thing to bolster the prospects of your family.

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