What Tech Can You Expect in the Kitchen of Tomorrow?

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Finishing The Kitchen

If someone had asked you in 2005 to visualise the living room of 2015, how accurate would your guess have been? From HD TVs to wireless streaming, many of the living room technology that we take for granted today was only in its infancy 10 years ago.

Open the door to your home office and the situation is similar. From laptops, which have slimmed down significantly while quadrupling in processing power, to tablets and other now common devices, digital technology has changes a lot since 2005.

While kitchen technology might seem to progress slightly slower than the gadgets we use in the living room or home office, the reality is that kitchen technology has changed dramatically over the last 20, 10 and five years.

From convection ovens to induction cooktops, a lot of the kitchen technology we’re used to today was uncommon and hard to find, even in restaurants and commercial kitchens, just a few decades ago.

With this in mind, what technology do you think the home kitchen of 2025 will have on offer? From touchscreen stovetops to smartphone-linked ovens, read on to take a look into the future of kitchen technology with six innovative devices.

Prep Pad

Does your kitchen scale tell you exactly what vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your cooking ingredients contain? The Prep Pad is a kitchen scale that informs you of exactly what you’re eating, right down to its micronutrient properties.

Couple the Prep Pad with your smartphone and look up the macronutrient profile – the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat – and micronutrient data of anything you’re using as part of a meal.

The Prep Pad’s database includes more than 300,000 food items, letting you look up everything from filet mignon to organic broccoli. Count calories, add up your protein sources and build healthy meals using your tablet or smartphone.

Dacor Discovery IQ Cooker

Can your oven teach you how to cook? The Dacor Discovery IQ Cooker is an amazing piece of modern kitchen technology – an oven with Wi-Fi connectivity and Android-powered touchscreen control unit.

No more turning knobs and dials to get the perfect temperature. With the Discovery IQ Cooker, all you need to do is choose from the touchscreen control panel’s dish list to automatically set the oven to the right temperature for your meal.

As your meal reaches readiness, there’s no noisy alarm to worry about. Instead, the Discovery IQ Cooker automatically notifies you via SMS that your meal’s cooked and ready to enjoy.


How do you drink your coffee? Whether you like a foamy latte or a double espresso in the morning, the TopBrewer is the ultimate choice for enjoying your morning cup of coffee in style.

The TopBrewer is an incredible coffee brewer that, at first, looks like a Scandinavian designed kitchen tap. This amazing device can brew coffee, dispense juice, pour milk and even provide hot and cold water at the touch of your smartphone.

That’s right – the TopBrewer is controlled entirely with your smartphone. Open its smartphone app and customise your morning cappuccino for the perfect coffee to milk ratio, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop

Touch controls have been a popular feature on stovetops for several years, but none have taken it to the extreme that the Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop does. This is a concept right now, but it has the potential to chance home kitchen cooking forever.

The Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop, when ready, will turn your cooking surface into a giant touchscreen similar to what you’d find on a tablet or smartphone. Tap the screen to control the stove or display recipes right next to a cooking element.

Beneath the surface, the Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop will operate much like a modern induction stove, using electrical induction to heat dishes. Although it’s not yet ready to enter production, the Touchscreen Stovetop is an amazing concept.

iDevices Thermometer

Kitchen thermometers have been around for a long time, but most involve taking your food out of the oven to check its temperature or, even worse, running cables out of your oven door to keep track of a meat dish’s temperature.

The iDecives Kitchen Thermometer makes monitoring the temperature of meat easy. Simply insert the wireless thermometer probe into your food and pick the meat you’re cooking using the thermometer’s smartphone app.

While your food is cooking, the iDevices Thermometer monitors its temperature, telling you exactly when it’s ready to remove from the oven so that you can enjoy perfectly cooked roast dinners without spending any extra time in the kitchen.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Can your refrigerator tell you when the milk is going bad? Most refrigerators offer one simple function: keeping your food cold. The Samsung Smart Refrigerator has far more up its sleeve, including Wi-Fi connectivity and an eight inch LCD screen.

Monitor food levels using the built-in display to make sure your fridge is stocked when it needs to be. You can even schedule upcoming events, like an ingredient’s expiry date, using Google Calendar connectivity.

The Smart Refrigerator can even teach you how to cook. Access thousands of great recipes from Epicurious to make sourcing ingredients and preparing new meals an absolute breeze, no matter how new you are to the world of cooking.

Step into the kitchen of tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what your kitchen will look like in 10 years time, provided you had an unlimited budget to outfit it? From refrigerators to coffee machines, the kitchen of tomorrow is packed with amazing new technology.

UK-based kitchen tile suppliers Tile Depot have turned the kitchen of tomorrow into an incredible online visualisation. Step into the kitchen of 2025, complete with all of the amazing high-tech kitchen appliances and gadgets profiled above.

What other technology do you think the kitchen of 2025 will offer? Whether you’re a technology guru interested in upgrading your kitchen or a minimalist that prefers a simpler design, it’s hard to deny that today’s top kitchen tech is really impressive.

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