Posh Playrooms: Kid’s Nursery Inspiration

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When it comes to kid’s bedrooms, it can be a struggle to find a balance between a child’s play area and giving them enough room to actually sleep and relax. Their favourite Star Wars toys are often left sprawled across the room and you can even run out of space to store their clothes!

With these images from Posh Playrooms, we’re sure that you’ll be full to the brim with inspiration on how to decorate your child’s bedroom and provide them with their own personal space to play, sleep and most importantly – enjoy.

Colourful & Bright Storage Space



As we can see in these images, the playroom itself is full of storage areas that can be used to hide away toys when they aren’t being played with. The room uses a strong, almost bookshelf-like structure to provide the room with a visual toy display, as well as hidden storage features with separated shelving compartments for smaller items.



One of the things we love about this play room along with the amazing storage features is the use of colour. There is a visual display of London buses on the wall, which ties in with the colourful book collection towards the right-hand side of the shelving unit. Kids learn best through colour, and we can only imagine how much fun the kids would have!

Themed Bedrooms

A kid’s bedroom is where their imagination can run wild, which is why we’re sure that these themed bedrooms will want you to give your own children a creative place to enjoy:



posh-playrooms-6What child wouldn’t want a bedroom where they could think they’re a deep-sea diver with their own submarine for a bed? In this bedroom, the headboard has been transformed into a creative display where lighting has been used to give the effect of a magical under-the-sea experience.



If your child is more interested in being up in space than down in the sea, why not use this idea to transform their bedroom into their own atmosphere? Again, this headboard has been used to create a rocket and combined with the grey duvet cover, we’re sure that your child would feel a million miles away in their own planet retreat.

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