Make your Home look Luxurious at a Small Cost

by | Oct 9, 2014 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

When you think of a luxury home, you tend to think about the things that you cannot afford. Yes, a home cinema, swimming pools or a fancy loft conversion may represent luxury from a financial standpoint, but these types of extravagant additions are not pivotal to your home being both classy and luxurious. There are a number of cheap additions and changes you can make so that you can modernise and spring new life into your property, which could also possibly raise the value of it at the same time.

Here is a list of methods for you to consider if you are looking to bring a bit of glamour to your home.

  • Re-Paint Walls and Hardware

Re-painting is not only simplistic, but it also enables you to be creative whilst remaining independent and straying away from the lure of using a decorator.

If your walls and hardware are looking a little worse for wear then all it takes is a few more coats of paint to fix this problem. Perhaps you want to take a different route and use your run-down walls and hardware as a platform to redecorate your entire home. The use of bold colours does will not only make the interior more eye-catching, but it will immediately modernise it as well as giving you the glamorous look you desire.

  • Give your home more freedom

If you were to take a number of images from home design magazines, websites and social media pages and examine them closely you will notice that there is a reoccurring theme in every one of these images that usually goes unnoticed. This theme is that the majority of exhibition rooms you see will be very spacious. Space is certainly not something that is usually associated with luxury, but luxury is really just a state of mind isn’t it? If experts in the field of home design can make space look an attractive quality, then the consumer is going to follow. By creating this illusion it will work wonders for your home and will truly epitomise the saying ‘less is more’.

  • Lavish Lighting

This is another method that goes under the radar, as again it has more to do with setting rather than furniture. Whether if your lights are dim or bright, it could make a real difference if it is fitting of the room they are in. Expense isn’t exactly eliminated in this method as it could be deemed necessary to replace a damaged or old lampshade. Instead you may look to have your lights fitted in another way, and if you have an electrical junction box installed beforehand, then you are leaving yourself open to install a more design focus fixture instead which will surely make your room more chic and unique.

  • Set a Theme

The most draw-dropping home interior designs are the ones that maintain consistency throughout.  There is an immense amount of appreciation for a wonderfully crafted and well thought out design, and referring back to the tip on painting, by choosing a bold colour that you believe looks glamorous then you have immediately set the tone for the theme of the house. From the colour of the walls you can go through the rest of the home, picking other materials and furniture that you believe will be fitting of your new theme. The element of luxury the theme gives off is entirely up to you as you will be able to convey whatever you believe luxury is.

  • Take full advantage of clearance sales

When you think of luxury you surely do not think of clearance sales, but it’s true, furniture picked up at clearances sales can be very suitable as long as it is fitting to the theme of your home. If you feel that it would be perfect for the vibe of your home, then do not hesitate, all the best designers have one eye on the market. Despite being in the sale, it is a brand new product and just because it hasn’t been bought doesn’t mean that it’s worthless. This is a very clever way of allowing you to do more with your budget and there is surely no better feeling than coming away with an absolute steal!

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