How to Make Your Home Feel Cosier During the Colder Months

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Home

During winter your home should be a fortress against the bitter cold that wants to ruin your day outside. Making your home feel warm and cosy should be top priority in the colder months, nobody wants to be cold and miserable for three months of the year. Here are some helpful tips to getting your home to be as lovely and toasty and it needs to be when all you want to do is just curl up in a ball and hibernate until summer rolls around.

Do your feet a favour and get some rugs

If you don’t have carpets in your home, rugs are a great way to keep your feet snug when those wooden floors send a shiver down your spine. Rugs can also help improve the look of a room too, so you can have some fun decorating the space.

Make yourself a nook

Having somewhere dedicated to cuddling up and reading a book can make for a cosy atmosphere. Fill the space with your favourite books and snuggle up with a hot chocolate, it’ll feel like true bliss.

Keep the outside chill where it belongs with draught excluders

Often the cold can seep into a house through windows or under doors, be sure to protect against this by keeping out the draughts in your home at every possible opportunity. One example of this is the letterbox, a prime offender for the chill creeping into your home, you can set up a brush to make sure letters are the only thing to come through it.

Spruce up the place with a few plants

Plants help to add a feeling of freshness to a home, not only do they make it feel a bit more green and vibrant but the oxygen they release will give you a feeling of true freshness. Who needs to go outside when you’ve got so much green to look at from the comfort of your own living room?

Thicken up those curtains

Thick curtains are a brilliant way to keep the heat in your room and shake up the décor at the same time. They will help the insulate the whole room, just long as you remember to keep them drawn!

Keep your radiators clutter free

When you put furniture in front of your radiators, you massively reduce the benefit it provides for spreading warmth around your room. Although, if you install a shelf above a radiator you can help it to better channel heat across your room – just be sure not to put anything on the shelf because it’s bound to heat up.

Make your central heating work harder for you

Most of us are afraid to turn on the central heating during the winter months for fear of incurring some terrifying bills. When it comes to keeping outgoings low, it really is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.  So investing in a high quality, energy efficient model such as Grundfos heating pumps you can ensure your central heating puts in the effort for you.

Wrap up warm

We don’t just mean put on every item of clothing you own while you’re wandering about the house (although it might help), why not get some blankets for the couches? They work both as decoration and for snuggling into on those cold winter nights when you’re not quite ready to go to bed yet.

Invest in some insulation

One of the more expensive tips here, but you will notice a massive change in your heating bills in the long run! If you insulate your roof, windows and floors all the heat lost through your home will be significantly decreased.


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