Laminate or Solid Hardwood Flooring? Here’s All You Need to Know

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Home

One of the most defining features of a home is its flooring. Wood flooring has always been a delight to homeowners due to its classy natural look. Most homeowners find themselves at crossroads when deciding between solid wood and laminate wood flooring. Most modern homes nowadays choose to go with laminate floors while older homes still have solid wood floors intact. So, which is better?

Cost of Installation

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then laminate flooring is the way to go. Laminate is less expensive than solid wood in every sense. The initial cost of purchasing laminate panels is lower than that of real wood panels. This is because laminate wood is made of pressed composite lumber. Solid wood flooring is from real harvested wood, and the price generally depends on the type of wood you choose. Laminate flooring is also cheaper to install. Laminate floors do not require special equipment to install as they come with a tongue and groove for interlocking mechanism. The cost of installing laminate flooring is generally half that of establishing a solid wood floor.


A laminate floor is much more durable than a solid wood floor. Laminate wood panels are impervious to water, shoes, and any form of scratching. They are covered with a hard-transparent protective layer, unlike solid wood, which is susceptible to scratches and wears. Over time, solid wood may absorb moisture and become deformed. In this sense, laminate wood flooring is better than solid wood flooring.


The cores of both laminate and wood flooring consist of wood. A surface with a high level of realism makes laminate floor nearly indistinguishable from real wood in some cases. It is possible to find subtle surface structures that create a natural wood or stone effect by paying attention to the smallerst details. Natural wood absorbs sound and is therefore more accommodative when walking on. Laminate wood panels may produce a hollow sound when stepped on. As authentic wood floor is entirely made of wood it tends to be more expensive.


Laminate floors are considered floating floors since they can be installed on any other type of flooring. This is not possible with solid wood flooring. Solid wood may gouge and are therefore not very suitable for homes with pets. Laminate wood flooring can be installed anywhere. Primarily because they are more tolerable with humidity, heat, and scratching.

In a nutshell, both solid wood flooring and laminate flooring are suitable, depending on what you want. For people looking for the wood flooring look but a cheaper cost, laminate flooring is excellent. But if you are keener on the long-lasting and more realistic aspect, then solid hardwood flooring would be a prudent choice.

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