Kitchen Makeovers: How to Modernise your Kitchen without a full-scale Renovation

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Home

Practical and flexible kitchen design is what everyone wants. But a full-scale renovation is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Instead of a full-scale renovation, you can make smaller yet valuable changes to the kitchen. 

While homeowners already have a dream kitchen in their mind, carrying out a full-scale renovation can be intricate and costly. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to uplift your kitchen’s design and overall layout.

Instead, you can make small changes like adding granite worktops available to update your kitchen without any full-scale remodelling. Here are some easy and effective ways to upscale your kitchen layout.

1. Change the Hardware

You will be surprised to know that changing your outdated or old hardware with new warm finishes like brass or polished stainless-steel will instantly give a trendy appearance to your kitchen. Moreover, it won’t cost a lot to update your kitchen hardware. You can choose hardware in any DIY store or home furnishings retailer. With a only little bit in the way of costs, your kitchen furnishings can look updated and modern.

2. Change the worktop

You may have a specific look and type of worktop in mind. It is therefore time to choose the best surface for the cooking area for your kitchen. Did you know that out of a single slab of a wide range of stylish granite kitchen worktopsyou may be able to do so? Granite is a natural stone that is cut in big blocks and then sliced into slabs. An average slab of granite covers approximately 6.5 square meters of surface. This results in a cost-effective way of updating your worktops without having to purchase a lot of material.

While there are many modern worktop materials such as quartz, ceramic, porcelain, etc. available in the market, granite tops the charts when it comes to kitchen renovation projects. This material is available in so many versatile patterns and natural colours, such as white, grey, green, and even in bright colours like pink and red. Just pick the right colour and pattern that goes well with your kitchen and you will be amazed to see how it upgrades the quality and overall aesthetics of the entire kitchen without any complete renovation.

3. Paint the Cabinets & Walls

Besides installing the stylish granite worktops, you may also do a simple re-painting job on the cabinets. Purchasing a can of paint is incredibly affordable and it can totally transform the look of the entire space with a couple of coats of paint in dramatic grey or black colour.

Just painting the cabinet and leaving the walls dull won’t do the trick. Even paint the walls in contrasting white or off-white shades to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen interior. However, if the cabinet shades are light in colour, then go for a darker colour on the wall, maybe a dark grey or green. It all depends on the colour scheme of your kitchen and how you want to transform it as per your personal preference and overall home interior.

4. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

You can even add a little drama to your cooking space by installing under-cabinet lighting. There are so many lighting options, such as LED battery-powered versions, for cabinets to hide all the dark spots and making the stored items visible clearly in the cabinet. You can even add overhead lighting onto the counter top for aesthetic value.

5. Rethink the Current Cabinet Space

Usually, people think of renovation because they need extra storage space. So, reconsider the current cabinets and double up space with extra graduated shelving inserts, lazy Susan or dividers. Just figure out the storage needs first and then buy the shelving units as per the requirement and available space.

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