How yoga can improve your sleep

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How yoga can improve your sleep

It’s well-known that sleep disorders affect over a third of the population – and its health implications are equally shocking.

If you feel like you’ve been to every type of practitioner and still can’t drift off after counting all those sheep, it may be time to grab your most stretchy clothes and roll out a yoga mat.

You’ve heard of the downward dog, cat and cobra, so here we share the value of the poses and how you can drastically improve your sleep with the renowned fitness regime.

The benefits of yoga

Sufferers of insomnia have claimed that yoga helps their sleep. They say they find they are able to drift off more quickly in the evening and nod off faster if they wake in the night.

Those suffering with back pain have found yoga highly advantageous. Many people take up the practice to boost their strength, especially in their core muscles, and what they have found is that backpain considerably resides.

In addition, yoga encourages you to become mindful of your posture. By making a conscious effort to keep your tail bone back, chest forward and shoulders relaxed, you’ll feel more comfortable. Many people find they generally feel better and less stiff when they start moving around.

How to tell you need to try yoga

Even if you play footy on Monday, rugby on Tuesday and do bootcamp on Wednesdays, you can still reap the benefits of practising yoga, which is physically challenging on your body.

If you can’t touch your toes, your hips don’t bend so well, or you feel pain in your back, these are just a few of the signs which indicate you might want to take up the practice as they show your flexibility isn’t as great as it could be. This is especially the case if you have experience back pain during the day and then feel less able to move freely when you wake in the morning.

Start a yoga regime

As soon as you begin practising yoga, you’ll start to notice the difference in your posture and your core strength will build up. It’s also a great activity to practise with friends – who says those socials always have to involve beer?!

If you simply practise yoga for 25 minutes at a time, you will soon notice the difference. Some positions are easy and feel relaxing, while others may look comfortable but are anything but as they truly put your muscles to the test. You may not be able to do all of the positions at first but like anything, it takes time to become a master of your art!

Still feeling back pain?

While yoga can improve your sleep, it may not be the only solution to a peaceful night in bed. It may be your mattress that’s the biggest problem.

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