How to personalize your home with photo printing

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Design, Home

When you move to a new home, or even if you want to give for example your living room a make-over, photos are a great way to personalize a wall in a room. Photos from travels you took or family photos make for great decorations in your house.

Before digital cameras and mobile phones were available, you had to go get your film developed and your photos printed. Just to see which of the photos you took turned out nice. There were no do-overs or the option to take tens of photos and choose the best ones. Nowadays we can take as many pictures as we like and chose. The only downside of digital photo taking is that a lot of times photos stay on the camera. With modern techniques for photo printing you can now get your photos printed the way you like. And that bests fits in your house on the wall.

Integrate photos in your interior

We would like to share some ideas how you can use photos to decorate your interior. You can print your photos on different materials, from canvas to wood and aluminium. This gives the photos a sophisticated look. A look that not only fits the living room, but photos of a couple are also great for the bedroom. If you would like to get a stylish look, why not print your photos in black and white. If you print different photos to hang together, black and white prints will also help get a more generic look. This gives us directly the second idea for decoration: make a photo composition or gallery wall. Hang different photos together. You can get a playful look if you print photos in different sizes and materials. Here you can add photos from travels, but also illustrations, posters and photos of landscapes can be included. Let your imagination spill and create a personal gallery wall.

Frames with printed photos 

Another fun idea to include photos in your interior is to get them printed the old fashion way and have a large amount of photos. You can place them in a big frame, which also makes it easy to change the photos now and then. Or hang them with small clips on a line and make a photo garland. Polaroid photos are making a comeback and give you instant photos to place throughout your house.

Make your house a home with pictures printed on different materials and hang them on the walls. Enjoy the great memories you had when the photo was taken every time you look at them.

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