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Moving home can be very stressful. Physically, there are so many things to do, and so many decisions to make. Which removal company do you choose to entrust all of your belonging to? How many boxes would you need? What items would you bring with you in your new home, which ones would you throw out, and which ones would you be able to donate? What makes it harder is if you have kids because you have to be on top of their stuff as well. Not only will it take a toll on you physically, but of course you would also be mentally stressed with all of the processes involved in the transaction of buying and selling. If you want to get all of the help you can to ensure a smooth transaction, you should get legal advice from THB Legal’s expert conveyancing solicitors. That way, you would be able to cover all of the areas you need to when it comes to buying and selling properties, remortgaging, and even transfer of equity.

Selling a Property

If and when you want to sell your property, seeking the legal advice of a solicitor should be your priority. So, the first step you should actually make once an offer has been accepted, is to inform your solicitor regarding the transaction. Before going through any negotiations and closing any deals, your solicitor would, of course, have to check some evidence regarding your identity, since this is not a small transaction to go through. This is just a simple step in which you would have to provide proof of your identity and where you currently reside. Once your identity has been proven, you would have to fill in the standard Law Society forms that would be able to give the buyer ample information regarding the property you are currently selling. All documentation such as guarantees, FENSA or Gas Safe certificates and warranties would be relevant to turn over to your solicitor at this step. All other documents, such as the property title and the issuance of contract papers would then follow suit. 

Buying a Property

If you are on the other end of the spectrum and you would like to purchase a new home for your family, like with selling a property, the first step is always to inform and instruct your solicitor. Once the surveying and proof of identity has been completed, only then will contract drafts along with the prices be sent to both you as the buyer and the seller to make searches and enquiries for any corrections, deductions, or additions. Throughout this process, you could give a mortgage offer, and your solicitor would prepare a report on title. Before the exchange of contracts, you, as a buyer, is mandated to pay a 10% deposit. From the transferring of contracts to the pre-completion, completion, and post-completion process, your solicitor would be with you every step of the way to help give a smooth transaction.


By getting help from a conveyancing solicitor means that your remortgage process will be faster and smoother. From dealing with your mortgage lender, up until the redemption of your existing mortgage, your solicitor will work through the entire transaction, so that you would not have to go through the whole process without any clues and ideas. They would also be the ones to work on the mortgage deed depending on the mortgage offer your lender will give you, and they would also be responsible in requesting funds from the new lender to complete your remortgaging.

Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity means removing or adding someone to the ownership of a property. This could be if they have undergone separation or divorce and you would like to remove an ex-spouse on the title. Conveyancing solicitors would be with you all throughout the process if you require a transfer of equity. From getting the current and existing title to proving of the identity of the owners and of course yourself. To even getting consent of the lender for the transfer if the property is under a mortgage, up to the completion of the whole transaction of transferring the deed.

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