Garage Conversion Planning Guide

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Garage conversion is gaining popularity in many homes these days. Many homeowners are making improvements that will add extra living space in their properties and increase their value. This is a cost-effective project even if you decide to do-it-yourself or seek professional assistance.

You don’t require planning permission because all the work is in-house. But you might get one if the garage is separate from your home. In your undertakings, keep in mind that converting your garage won’t affect the rate of council tax you are required to pay.

Garage conversions Essex should not be a daunting task if you know where to start. You can do it even on a tight budget. To start off in the right foot, decide what to do with everything currently kept in the existing garage and go on to convert your space.

If stuck, don’t stress or turn your back on this home improvement project. Castle Point Construction is here to help and will guide you through the entire garage conversion project. The experts you work with will guide you in the entire garage conversion project and you will enjoy every stage of the project.

How to Go About Garage Conversion- What to Know

No matter what you plan to convert your garage into, take time and consult widely. Don’t let the bureaucratic hurdles affect the progress of this project. Go on and consider whether your garage is suitable for conversion.

Consider whether you need an internal single garage, single garage, double garage, or a standalone garage. While planning garage conversion Essex, here are few things to put into consideration. Have a look:

  1. Flooring

If your garage has a dry or flat concrete slab, there are many flooring options to embrace. For instance, if your slap is properly prepared, tile, whether ceramic or vinyl are easy to install. Level the floor, damp-proof it with a suitable membrane and insulate it for better thermal performance.

  1. Doors and Windows

Many homeowners have varied options when it comes to garage doors and windows. Some tend to complete the project by leaving the door intact.

Others decide to replace the door with a windowed or solid wall or opt for French doors. If you plan to add windows, consider privacy of your garage, views of the outside, and the extra natural light.

  1. Walls and Insulation

If your garage walls are not insulated, you can make a few changes but it will depend on how your garage is built. Building regulations require walls and the roof insulated at a certain level. If you poorly insulate your garage, it will result to damp and cold space.

Without an insulated wall, your garage conversion in Essex will be a sloppy project. You want to spend time in a well converted garage that is free from outside disturbances. Feel free to add a foam insulation beneath the drywall of your garage walls.

  1. Electrical Work

You will need electricity running through your garage. This is not an easy project and its best if left to professionals. Handling electrical wires can be dangerous if you don’t know how to DIY. Hire a professional and ensure your garage is well lit.

  1. Plumbing

If you plan to add a kitchen, wet bar, or bathroom in your garage, plumbing project can be complicated. It’s good to have running water in the garage, but this project is best if handled by professionals.

Get Help Undertake Garage Conversion Projects Hassle-free

Giving your garage a new remake is a wise decision and project to undertake. The entire project may be demanding and costly if you don’t know where to start. The good news? Castle Point Construction will save you the hassle

You need to get a free quote and leave the project in the hands of the best home improvement company in Essex. You get a chance to work with experienced, licensed, insured and well-trained building experts.

Don’t fret about the cost of the entire garage conversion project. The available services are budget-friendly and will satisfy your requirements. Get in touch today and learn more about garage conversion and related construction projects.

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