How to Bring Your Home into the 21st Century

by | May 18, 2017 | Home

Things feeling a little drab at home? Need some interior inspiration? No matter the size, age or style of your home, it can be difficult to take on a full house redesign without feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing, so take a look at a few of these handy tips to bring your home out of that aesthetic slump and into the 21st century, without blowing your budget, or your patience.

Freshen Up

Even though it may seem like your wallpaper/paint is in perfect condition, colors and designs start to fade after a while, courtesy of heat, light, damp and general wear and tear. Even if you choose not to change the color or design, be sure give it a new lick of paint to give the room a cleaner, fresher feel. For your floors, try hiring a professional company to shampoo any carpets or to buff any wooden floors to get rid of scuffs, scratches and blemishes. Simple fixes like polishing aging tables and surfaces, or re-upholstering any aging furniture can make a world of difference.


Indoor plants are guaranteed to bring life into any home, especially if they’re well looked after. Everyone knows that being closer to nature and greenery in general helps to reduce stress, but keeping plants in your home can also help reduce carbon dioxide levels, keep air temperatures down and reduce airborne dust levels. Be sure to keep a couple in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and an office, if you have one. If the idea of looking after plants doesn’t appeal to you, try purchasing fresh flowers weekly to keep somewhere like a window sill, dining room table or even on the mantelpiece of a fireplace. This means you can change the type of bouquet often, mixing color schemes, scents and styles to brighten up your home, and keep things interesting.

A New Door

The front door to a home is both yours, and your guest’s first experience of your abode, so make it count for something. After years of being knocked, scratched and exposed to the elements, your front door can end up more than worse for wear. Bring your homes aesthetics and security up to date by trading out your battered old wooden door for a modern composite door. Not only are they strong, sturdy and secure, they also look great and bring a stylish feel to your home. Great for keeping out drafts and cold out on those dark winter evenings, composite doors are a fantastic way to keep costs down, and your carbon footprint.

Understand Space

Nothing pulls the mood out of a room like unnecessary clutter. Get rid of any messy ornaments, boxes and unwanted items to tidy your home up, and improve the sense of both space and size. Although singular items like vases, paintings and clocks can drastically improve a room, shelves filled with bric-a-brac and ageing ornaments can negatively affect the vibe of an area. Get tough with your clearing out, and don’t be afraid to get rid of things you know you’ll never use or need.


The oldest rule in the home improvement book, but mirrors are absolutely guaranteed to increase the feeling of size in a room, no matter the actual dimensions of the space. Strategically place large mirrors so they’re in clear view of the whole room, and easily reflect a central and focal part of the room rather than say, half the sofa or a room corner. Long mirrors in tiny hallways can bring an element of class and additional space to an otherwise claustrophobic space.


Throwing a hundred different colors, patterns and designs into a single space is a surefire way to make things feel cluttered. Try and keep a recurring theme throughout the room, such as shades or moods. If you’ve got striped wallpaper, don’t also get the same design on your sofas, wallpaper and cushions otherwise it becomes an eyesore. On the other hand, having only plain colors in a room can make it feel cold and empty, so keep something as a feature, perhaps a rug, or painting to truly bring the room in.

Stay Tidy

It goes without saying, but if you want your home to feel clean, fresh and modern, you have to keep it that way. Keep your shoes in a cupboard, clean up spills when they happen and keep things like remotes, console controllers and other technological devices in their allotted space to avoid clutter, mess and to keep a sense of professionalism in your home. Try a handful of lifehacks for additional storage, and take advantage of any hidden spaces like wardrobes, cupboards or even a loft/basement for storing things you’re not willing to part with.

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