Bioethanol Fireplaces for Outdoor Use

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Many people may not realise it, but in principle, all bioethanol fires can be used both indoor and outdoor. Bio ethanol fires run on bioethanol fuel, and therefore they do not need electricity or power to burn. This means that they can virtually be taken, and placed, anywhere you’d like! So, if you were thinking of bringing your bioethanol fire outside one last night before winter and cold nights hit, here are a few dos and don’ts when bringing your ethanol fireplace outside.

What is a bio ethanol fireplace?

A bio ethanol fireplace is a fireplace driven by bioethanol fuel. Bio ethanol fuel is a liquid that can be ignited and creates beautiful flames – just the same way as a traditional fireplace or wood-burning stove but without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the fireplace. A bioethanol fire comes in many different designs, shapes, sizes, colours, and prices, and typically there is a bioethanol burner inside the fireplace which creates the flames. This is where the bio ethanol fuel is poured in. Bio ethanol fires are available both as a wall mounted fireplace, freestanding bio ethanol fireplace, but also as a ceiling-hanging bioethanol fireplace. And because they don’t need power or electricity, they can be placed almost anywhere!

Can all bioethanol fireplaces be used outside?

Because bioethanol fireplace purely burn when bioethanol fuel is poured into the bioethanol burner, it can easily be moved around. It can also be moved outside and be enjoyed on the patio or terrace. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before bringing it outside.  It’s best if there’s glass all around the flame, as wind can make the flame quite unstable. However, if it’s a quiet night, it’s possible to control the flame of the biofuel fireplace even though the fireplace is not surrounded by glass. So, maybe you’re wondering if a bio fuel fire would then function as a patio heater, and in principle, they do, but they don’t heat nearly as much as a gas or electric patio heater, which heat much more than a bioethanol fire. It varies how much bio ethanol fires heat – it all depends on the model and location, but all bioethanol fires will always generate some kind of heat. Of course, if a bio fire is in an open outdoor area, you won’t feel the heat the same way as you would in a more enclosed area. Maybe you’re looking for ways to renovate your garden? It would be a good idea to include a bio fuel fire as part of your renovating plans.

Can a bioethanol fireplace be used all year round?

In fact, a bio ethanol fireplace can be used all year round, both indoor and outdoor – just be aware of the fact that bio fires do not benefit from exposure to rain and wind. Therefore, it’s recommended to cover your bioethanol fire with a protective cover or place it in a dry place when not in use. So, check the weather, bring your bioethanol fire, a blanket, a hot cup of tea, a good book, and enjoy a cosy evening outside before it gets too cold.

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