Beyond Your Garden: How to Create an Attractive Home

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Home

Your garden will provide your visitors with the first impression of your home. While your exterior might be beautiful, you can guarantee they’ll remember your property for all the wrong reasons if it’s dull or outdated.

For this reason, you must aim to develop a property that complements your exterior design. To ensure your property is beautiful both inside and out, here are some handy tips on how to create an attractive home.

Maintain an Inviting Hallway

It’s common for many homeowners to place their shoes, keys, coat racks or umbrellas in the hallway; however, it can create clutter in the space. As the hallway will provide guests with a first impression of your interior, you must ensure it is bright, light and mess-free. Instead, hang artwork on the wall and decorate the space with plants and flowers to make your hallway appear inviting.

Create a Comfortable Living Room

A living room must ooze style and comfort. For example, you should add colourful, stylish pillows onto a comfortable sofa, and offer a warm, soft rug that can add texture onto hardwood flooring. It is also important to remember that every living room will need a beautiful focal point, such as antique Victorian fireplaces or an elegant chandelier.

Bring the Outside In

Every passionate gardener will understand the benefits plant-life can have on a person’s mood, as they can make people feel happier and healthier. For this reason, you should aim to bring the outside in by incorporating indoor plants into your interior design. Not only can they reportedly lift a person’s mood and add a splash of colour into your decor, but they can also boost creativity while purifying the air.

Upgrade a Kitchen

A kitchen is not only one of the most used rooms within a home, but it can also add value to the price of your property. For this reason, you must regularly aim to upgrade the space with the best materials, fixtures and appliances for your budget. It will ensure the kitchen has the wow factor each time you or a visitor step inside.

Expose Natural Sunlight

If you want to make every room within the home appear large, spacious and airy, aim to welcome as much natural sunlight into each room as possible. For example, opt for shutters over window blinds to ensure light hits the room from every direction.

Not only will this ensure plenty of natural lighting enters the room, but both you and your guests have a better view of your beautiful, well-maintained garden.

Add a Touch of Luxury into Your Bathroom

It’s the little things that will make a big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. If you want to create a space that exudes style and luxury, aim to incorporate the following into its interior design:

  • Luxury soaps/handwashes
  • A heated towel rail
  • Soft, white towels
  • Scented candles

The above will ensure your clean, fresh bathroom has the wow factor and will make you want to spend many hours in the beautiful space.

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