A Guide to Bifold Doors

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Design, Home

Have you heard about bifold doors? They’re the latest trends for homes across the UK. Find out all about them, in our post.

One of the latest trends in modern homes across the UK – bifold patio doors – and it’s slowly taking over. More and more homes are featuring these. Be it to divide rooms, like a conservatory, or to have on the back of the home, opening up into the garden. Bifold doors are a great and stylish way to elevate your modern home, opening it up to make it feel bigger and connect to the outside world.

In this post, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about bifold doors. Everything from what they are, the benefits of them and finally how much they cost (roughly). So, if you’re looking to bring the outside in to your home, you should install bifold doors! Find out why, below.

What are Bifold Doors?

Think of bifold doors as a sheet of folded paper – albeit stronger and sturdier. These paper-esque doors can be folded across, to fully open up your home. They slide, they shift, and they move conveniently, to accommodate any household. These bifold doors can have anywhere from 2 to around 7 panels – which means you can fill up an entire wall or even just a smaller section.

It’s a beautiful way of fully opening up your home to either your patio or another section of your house. This modern and stylish addition can make those beautiful summer days, relaxing with family, both in and out the home more open.

Bifold doors don’t have to be fully opened. They’re like folded paper, which means you can simple open one section, to let your dog outside for example. These gorgeous doors work perfectly in any home.

Why you need them!

Bifold doors are not only trendy, but they have some great benefits too. They have so many uses, from opening up the garden to even extending a dining room. These versatile doors work on both inside and outside walls. If your home struggles brining in natural light, these bifold doors can help. Where you’re replacing almost an entire wall with the doors, allows more natural light to come in, and really open up your home. They can expand the space in your home, making it feel larger and more open.

These doors are a great way to blur the line between your home and the outside, making an extensive space between your house and garden. Ideal for large family parties in the summer, expanding your home to the outside allows fresh air to circulate round your home, as well as let more natural light in. And of course, modern bifold doors are double glazed, meaning they’ll retain heat in the cold winter months for your home.

Styles of Bifold Doors

Of course, all bifold doors come in different styles. The different materials used to construct these doors, can suit the design of any home. If you’re looking for a more rustic or classic feel, maybe consider wooden bifold doors. Conversely, for the modernists, there’s always aluminium. Whatever the style of your home, there’s bifold door materials to match it.

How they work

Bifold doors are made in a way that allows them to open either inwards or outwards. Even better, they can be folded in either direction (left or right), meaning whatever the layout of your home, bifold doors can fit. Mounted on rollers, one door is the ‘key’ to unfolding the rest – hence why you can simply have one panel open. All of this plus they’re secure, durable, flexible and stylish. Bifold doors are the ideal addition to any modern home.

The Cost

After all of this good news, we hate to bring the bad bit… Bifold doors aren’t cheap. In fact, they can start from as little as £1000. HOWEVER, they are good quality, durable and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. It’s an investment, yes, but it’s a long term one. These doors won’t be going anywhere or need repairing anytime soon.

Whilst this is an estimate, prices vary from supplier and fitters across the country, so make sure you shop around and get a few quotes to find the best price. Bifold doors look easy to install, but they need a great level of care and attention when doing so – so, we advise using the pros, every time.

They stand the test of time, so when you weigh up the costs against how long they’ll last, it’s really not a huge price to pay. The style and features they can add to your home is unrivalled.

So, if you’re looking to modernise your home, as well as reap all the benefits of bifold doors, consider installing them. More light, more space, more energy efficiency, more security. Do all of these sounds appealing? Yes? Good! Then bifold doors are what you need!

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