A Guide On Choosing the Best Roofers

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Having your roof done is a big deal. Roofing is not exactly cheap. Therefore, you will want a good job done; value for your money. As the Manchester roofers suggest, the roof is a major part of the house since it shelters you from an external element. A good roof heaving depends on who did the job. Being that there are many roofers out there, it can get difficult to choose the right roofer for you.

Luckily, you can take a few steps that will lead you to choose the right contractor for you. Keep reading to get a glimpse of what to do before choosing your roofers.

  • Inquire from your family and friends

Family members and loyal friends always have your best interest at heart. You can trust them to give you an honest opinion from the different roofers you had interacted with when they got their roofing done for them. Obviously, there are very many roofers out there, and your loved ones must have met a couple of them.

Even though they might not have had roofing done, your friends and family may still be able to gather the knowledge from their friends and neighbors. Through this, they will help you narrow down your list of potential roofers through their feedback and recommendations.

  • Check online reviews

While your friends and family might have had a good experience with a specific roofer, that might not be the case for all their other clients. Take some time and check out their online reviews. These reviews will be from a vast pool of previous clients from different backgrounds. Meaning that you will understand their rapport with other clients and whether they have recommended the potential roofers.

It would help if you went for roofers with a rating of at least 4 with a good number of online reviews. Also, a few negative comments should not be cause for alarm but read through them to understand the problem and see if it’s manageable. Keep in mind; no one is perfect.

  • Look at their payment scheme.

Is your prospective roofer one of those who require you to pay everything upfront? If yes, leave them and opt for another one. In every service, making payments upfront to always a bad idea. A good roofer will have a realistic payment scheme that will coincide with their work. For example, they may choose that you pay little by little as you complete the task.

Of course, there is the initial deposit you will need to make, but the r remaining payments should be in timely installments. It would be wise if you also inquired about their other financial options to have a wide range of options on your end.

  • Formalize it in writing

A verbal agreement is not enough, especially if your roofing project is costly. Get it all in writing. Writing your agreement down protects not only the roofers but also yourself. If there is any breach in the contract from either of you, there shall be some penalties to be inquired to the offended party.

Ensure you include all financial aspects you both agreed on initially. You don’t want to leave that out. Then hell breaks loose if the financial company decides they want all their money after they finished with the work when you had agreed on an overhead payment plan.

  • Check for licensing and insurance.

If you want your roofing done perfectly, you want a professional to do it. One way of confirming if your prospective roofers are professionals is by checking their license. A license is a must-have for any expert roofer. Why should you check if they have a license? A license is the only proof you have that the contractor underwent formal training and passed the multiple exams they are asked to take. Therefore, if your prospective roofer has a license, then they are most definitely qualified for the job.

Also, look out for insurance. A good roofer is insured. Insurance protects both you and the roofer from incurring any medical costs in case an accident occurs. If the roofer is not insured, you are liable to pay for any damages rendered while on your compound by law. So why risk it? If your prospective roofer does not have insurance, move on and look for one who has it.


Roofing is an investment, and like any investment, proper planning and research are necessary before moving forward with the task. Choosing the best roofer is the keystone to this project. Using the above-outlined guiding points, use them when conducting your research, and you will most definitely choose the right roofers for the job.

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