A 2022 guide to moving house in the UK

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If you are planning to move within or to the UK, this guide is for you. Below we quickly list out the most important things you need to get done and provide some tips to help you to do them quickly and efficiently.

Start early and be realistic about how long everything will take

Before we dive in, our first piece of advice is to get as far ahead as you can. Life has a habit of throwing you curveballs. One of you only has to catch a cold for you to fall badly behind. So, build plenty of flexibility into your schedule.

Include a few mornings or afternoons off. Doing so will provide you with opportunities to relax and recharge. Or, if things don´t go smoothly, get yourself back on schedule.


As soon as you know for sure that you will be moving, declutter. The more you give away or sell the less you will have to pack.

If at all possible, declutter before you put your home on the market. It will look a lot better in the photos and videos, which will attract more interest.

You will also find it much easier to tidy up before people arrive to view your property. If you are not convinced of how important decluttering is, take a look at this report which was prepared by the National Association of Realtors Research Group and you will see that 93% of realtors recommend that people declutter before putting their home on the market.

Pack as you declutter

As you go through your home decluttering, pack anything you rarely use into a box, then slide that back into your cupboard or drawer. For example, if it is springtime when you plan to put your home up for sale, you could do this with your winter quilts. When you take this approach, you can simply pick the box up and put it into a bigger one. It does take up space, but it eases the pressure when it is time to pack to move.

Prepare your change of address paperwork in advance

Make a list of everyone you will have to provide your new address. Use this checklist to help you.

To change your address or end your contracts with things like your utilities, bank, and insurance pop online and see how you need to notify them of the fact that you are changing your address. Often, you will find that they will have a form for you to fill in. Copy the URL for each one, so you are not left searching around for that information when you are under pressure. Do the same for any contracts you need to cancel, for example, your home insurance policy.

For the things, you can´t do online put together a simple draft letter and keep it on your computer. As soon as you know what your new address is you can simply copy and paste it into your templates, print them off and post them. Or send them via email.

Inevitably, things will fall through the gaps. Either you will forget someone or an office worker will fail to follow your instructions. To guard against this eventuality, set up a redirect at the Post Office.

Order your packing materials

Well before the actual moving date, buy the materials you will need to pack your stuff. This article explains what you will need and also gives you some idea of how much of each item will be required.

Order anything you will need for your new home

If you feel comfortable doing so, order anything you want to buy for your new property. Doing this could save you from having to move a sofa that you are going to have to dispose of within weeks of arriving in your new home.

Book some time off

As soon as you have your moving date, book some time off. Organise childcare and someone to look after your pets on the day of your move.

Where to get more information and tips

In this article, we have focused on the things that catch people out. If you are looking for a more detailed guide, we recommend that you take a look at Broadband Genie’s moving home checklist. As well as being comprehensive, it also includes the ability to create a countdown timeline that highlights which tasks need to be done and when. It is a great way to get around the fact that most of us woefully underestimate how much time things are going to take us and end up running around trying to get everything done a few days before you move.

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