9 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Home

Many would consider Moving House to be a stressful time in their lives. Any period of significant change is going to cause disruption and will breed certain levels of anxiety but really, a new home should be an exciting and positive experience. Often, the reason moving house is so very stressful is because the process hasn’t been well planned or executed. If the move is well organised, then it should be a walk in the park.

Follow these 9 Tips for a Stress-Free Move and you’ll be laughing.

  • More Haste, Less Speed

When you have a long list of jobs to be done and in a fairly short time, the natural reaction is to attempt to whiz through it. There is nothing quite like rushing to put the pressure on. If you plan well in advance and begin things like decluttering and packing up spare rooms early on, you shouldn’t get too flustered in the final days and end up running around like a headless, homeless chicken! The rule is to apply haste, work with purpose and a firm plan… But don’t rush.

  • De-Clutter

One of the most important but simple ways of relieving stress during a move is to take the time to declutter your home ahead of moving day. Ideally, you want to have your clear out before getting a removal quote as, if you have fewer items to move, it will cost a little less. If you feel completely overwhelmed at the prospect of packing up your entire house, then get rid of some of it –  less to pack, less to move, less to stress over – It’s a no-brainer.

  • Pack Early

You might think that you can’t pack too early as you will need things between then and the day of your move but come on, do you actually use all of your items and every room in your house? You can start packing the garage, the storage spaces, the attic and even the spare rooms way ahead of your moving date. Anything you can do to give yourself that head start will take away some of the stress.

  • Compare Removal Company Costs

House Removals can be a costly affair. So much so, that many would rather carry out their home removals themselves. This is sure to make the process more stressful. Those that have not used a removal company before may not realise how reasonably affordable it is and when you consider how much time, effort and stress they can save you, it will be worth every penny. You can get great deals on your home removal. By using a service like the one from Compare My Move, you can compare the cost of removals as you will get up to 6 free, no-obligation quotes.

  • Use a Removal Company

Once you are certain you have got the best possible deal, book a removal company to ease you through your moving day. Having professionals in charge of your belongings and overseeing the logistics will put your mind at ease and you’d be amazed how much they will simplify the process.

  • Choose a Full Packing Service

Most professional removal companies offer full packing services as one of their packages. This means that they will take care of all the packing, provide all packing materials, load and unload all of your belongings. This is the ultimate in stress-free moving. There is a lot to do when it comes to moving house. By having a removals team take care of the packing and transporting, you are free to take care of the other things.

  • Create a Moving House Checklist and Timescale

Don’t be afraid to make lists. It’s a universal method. Write down everything that needs doing and when it needs to be done by. If you are a family or a couple moving, then write names or initials next to every task so that you can all pitch in and everyone knows who is responsible for what.

  • Change your Address

Change your address in plenty of time ahead of you move. Don’t forget to inform your doctors and other healthcare professionals, any subscriptions or catalogues, home delivery services and of course the local authority and… you should probably tell your friends and family where you will be living.

  • Go Easy

Don’t punish yourself for being stressed – Reward yourself for your hard work. A copious glass of wine after a long day of decluttering. A pizza delivery that you can sit on the empty floor and eat after a day of packing. When you find yourself getting stressed, switch off just for a moment, re-evaluate your checklist, dust yourself off and carry on.

Moving House doesn’t need to be the stress inducing rigmarole it is so notoriously regarded as. It’s easy really – Just pack up your stuff and take it to a new place – Plan, prep, organise and everything will be just peachy.

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