5 Benefits of Living in an Energy Efficient Home

by | Aug 13, 2014 | blog, Finance, Home

When it comes to the benefits of flat pack houses, most people are focused on the rapid building times, lower-than-normal costs and convenient. Because of this, an awful lot of people forget that flat pack houses are exceptionally energy efficient.

Built from modern materials using modern techniques, today’s flat pack houses are packed with energy efficient features like high quality insulation, renewable heating and natural daylighting.

These eco-friendly design elements are some of the biggest benefits of living in a flat pack home, but they’re often forgotten. In this blog post, we’ll cover the five biggest benefits of living in an energy efficient, ultra-modern flat pack house.

Lower energy bills

Beyond the great feeling of living in an environmentally friendly home, the biggest benefit for most energy efficient homeowners is lower power spending. Most new, energy efficient homes use significantly less energy than their older counterparts.

This means fewer kilowatt hours, less wasteful consumption and – of course – bills that are far below the average. Many energy efficient homes help their homeowners save hundreds (in some cases, even thousands) of pounds every single year.

Since today’s flat pack houses are designed with energy efficiency in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy lower energy bills than you would from a traditional home. Over time, this can add up to thousands of pounds saved for you to spend on other things.

Better concentration

Did you know that natural light helps you concentrate better? Studies by the Swiss researcher Mirjam Münch indicate that people in environments lit by natural light tend to be more attentive, focused and hardworking than the average.

The opposite occurs when you spend time in artificially lit environments: you start to work slowly, get very little done and generally feel unfocused. This real effect of natural light has driven many offices to change their lighting arrangements.

Whether you like to work at home or simply want to feel more cognitively alert in your living room, switching from an energy inefficient older home to a naturally lit modern environment is a great way to quickly boost your brainpower.

Great personal health

In addition to improving your concentration, exposure to sunlight improves your health. Spending time in naturally lit environments boosts your vitamin D level – one of the most important vitamins for strengthening your immune system.

Like other energy efficiency benefits, this one’s backed by science. Employers have found that employees who work in naturally lit environments generally have fewer sick days than their counterparts in predominantly artificially lit environments.

From your bedroom to your living room, you’ll probably spend more time in your home than anywhere else. With an energy efficient home, your residence can be a lot more than just comfortable; it can be incredibly healthy too.

More daytime energy

We already know that natural light improves our health and cognition, but did you also know that it gives you more energy? People in naturally lit environments, such as energy efficient homes with daylighting, have more energy than their peers.

Numerous businesses, from Wal-Mart to independent companies, have found that their employees are less fatigued, particularly late in the day, when they work in a naturally lit environment.

If you feel the late afternoon burnout that affects many people, your home’s lighting could be to blame. With skylights, large windows and other features of today’s most energy efficient homes, you’ll enjoy stable energy levels throughout the day.

Spacious living spaces

The final benefit of living in an energy efficient flat pack house has little to do with your health and wellbeing. It does, however, have a huge amount to do with one of the most important elements of home ownership: comfort.

Natural light from windows and skylights makes your living spaces, bedrooms and more feel more spacious and comfortable. The more natural light your house gets, the more spacious, comfortable and expansive it will feel.

We’ve all heard of interior designers using mirrors to reflect light and make rooms feel bigger. With an energy efficient house, you’ve already got what it takes to enjoy the luxury of spacious, comfortable living.

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