3 quick ways to de-clutter your house (before Xmas!)

by | Dec 6, 2017 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

If you’re a parent, you’ll probably be preparing to de-clutter your house as Christmas approaches. After all, you’re bound to have purchased a number of new toys for your kids, meaning that now is the ideal time to clear out unwanted items, make the most of your space and prevent the property from becoming cluttered.

Speed is of the essence when de-cluttering your home prior to Christmas, however, particularly as there is so much to do for parents ahead of the festive period.

With this in mind, here are three quick and effective ways of achieving this objective and creating a minimalist space in time for Xmas!

  1. Involve the whole family

De-cluttering can be a lonely job, while placing the responsibility for this on one person’s shoulders is not recommended.

Instead, it’s far better to involve the whole family in the process of de-cluttering, with the adults leading the way while creating fun incentives to engage younger members of the family. Offering prizes and tailored rewards to your kids is an excellent place to start, whether you take them out for their favourite meal or engage them with the promise of a trip to the cinema!

You could also look to turn the boring and mundane process of de-cluttering your interior into an interactive game, and one that makes the time pass quicker for both children and adults.

  1. Make preparedness your watchword

Preparedness is a great life skill, even if you have to be careful that this does not pass over into procrastination. This even applies to relatively simple tasks such as de-cluttering, as pre-planning and an organised approach can help you to act efficiently and decisively.

This will reduce the time required to de-clutter your living space, as you identify which items need to be discarded and which ones are to be stored. Similarly, you can determine where you’re going to store certain items, while making rooms for adornments such as festive decorations.

Making a to-do-list prior to de-cluttering your home is also to be recommended, as this breaks down the process into manageable chunks and enables you to operate methodically.

  1. Be sure to de-clutter then clean

When de-cluttering, you may be tempted to clean the space as you go. This is because you’re bound to discover copious amounts of dust and dirt as you move your material possessions, and your natural instinct may well be to clean this immediately.

This is often counter-intuitive, however, as when you move onto an adjoining space you’ll most likely dislodge more dust that also requires cleaning. This can make the process of de-cluttering even more time-consuming than normal, and this is something that you can ill-afford during the busy, festive period.

Instead, the best bet is to complete the de-cluttering process first, before allowing some time for you and your family to clean the whole interior once you’re ready.

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