10 tips on how to sell your property as quickly as possible

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If you are looking to move onto a new property, but you are unable to sell your current one, then this could hold up the proceedings for many months or even years. With a bit of investment you are surely more likely to get the property sold sooner, whilst  raising its value considerably at the same time.

In the current housing market it is difficult enough to commit to making an offer of any sort and whether there is damage to the property itself or if it is situated in an unattractive location then many buyers may be put off by its price tag if they were not buying with the intent to renovate the property.

If you are facing these problems then here are 10 tips on how to get your home sold as quick as possible…..

Make your property look presentable

When you are selling your home, the importance of the appearance of both the exterior and interior are equally as essential. Especially within the interior of the home, it is helpful to give your property a unique quality or a bit of added personality as many buyers may not be looking to conduct full renovation or restyling of the property. It is also necessary to get out the cleaning equipment and make sure that the property is completely spotless….nobody likes mess!

Repair any damage

Any damage to the property you are selling is going to seriously affect its valuation, so you will have to fork out for repairs if you want to earn a profit or break even on what you originally paid for it. Damage control should also include both the front and back gardens so that all areas are covered. Examples of some of the damages and repairs to take a look at are holes in walls, cracked tiles, fixing cracks in tiles and patios, to name a few.

Paint the walls to make your property feel new again

Not an expensive venture if you are able to do it yourself, painting the walls in your property will give the place a whole new vibe. Don’t feel that little tweaks such as this will go unrecognised because what it will do is give the buyer the idea that the house has been kept well preserved and looked after. Buyers will also see the paint job as a reason to move in even earlier rather than wait until any work is complete, and just to top things off, give the front door a paint job while you’re at it!

Make the house smell fresh

Arguably bad odours are the biggest factor behind potential buyers withdrawing their interest from a particular property. Depending on how bad the odour is, getting rid of smells could be the easiest part of the revamping process. Make sure to take out any bins, clear the drains, and open the back door and your property should smell as good as new.

Be reasonable with the valuation

Nobody is going to pay over the odds for property that just simply is not worth it. If you do have a certain target valuation you want a buyer to pay, then you may have to meet them in the middle by conducting repairs or adding little touches to the place to make it worth what you are asking for.  In the current market especially, nobody will be willing to overpay or jump straight into such a serious commitment as there are still properties across the UK which still have a value for money.

Choose the best estate agent for you

We are not saying go out and pick the most expensive estate agent, but we are saying pick the perfect one for your property in particular. We recommend that you go with one on an initial 12 week contract so if the service they provide is not working for you that you can go onto another. The estate agent has to really understand your desires for your new home and what you are looking for. A solicitor will also be needed to conduct the conveying of the property, so it’s essential once again that you are able to relate to one another.

Use open space to your advantage

If you have money left over, then converting any opens spaces, or any other areas of your property that you are not really fond can be extremely beneficial in relation to turning your property into ‘hot property’ and it comes without saying that it should boost the valuation of the property considerably. This is something that should be done before the home is put on the market as an entire conversion on installation is a long process.

Renovate your kitchen

Before you put your property on the market, make sure that your kitchen can be as perfect as it can be. The kitchen is without question is the most valuable room in the house, and can be a deal-breaker for many buyers. Tips on bringing your kitchen to life include resurfacing the cabinets and upgrading counter tops.

Pick a theme for the home

For the appearance of your property to give off the affect you want to potential buyers, then there certainly has to be a consistent theme running throughout the properties design. If left inconsistent, then buyers will possibly be put off by having to re-style the majority of the house and may find it more fitting to spend elsewhere where the interior is closer to their criteria.

Timing is key

Finally, the most important aspect of selling your home in a short period of time is working out your target market and timing the sale for them. This can be done by changing certain aspects of your home that would be on the target buyers check list, and then consider when you feel it would be the right time for them to make a move. For example a family home is more likely be bought around August and September due to the beginning of the school year if there are children still studying in the amongst the family. It’s strange to believe how timing can be key to selling a home, but like any other market it is essential.


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