Do Commercial Real Estate Buyers Need Title Insurance In PA and Why

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Finance

Insurance. Often described as a form of protection against financial loss, it is a very common financial aspect to find in today’s society. Health, cars, houses, and even phones and pets can have insurance now, and depending on your financial situation, they are often considered an essential amenity to protect you and your family from undesirable situations.

There are many occasions in which an insurance policy can provide a great deal of benefits, and since there are many types of insurance out there, there’s a wide range of needs that can be covered through them. As someone once said, it’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

This applies to more particular forms of insurances as well, and things definitely get more complicated when businesses and insurances involve themselves with one another. A very good example of this is when real estate transactions are performed, since there’s this one particular form of insurance known as Title Insurance that is heavily linked to it.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, this article is definitely for you. We will try to showcase the most important aspects of it, why it is usually recommended, and whether you need it as a resident of Pennsylvania or not.

The Definition of Title Insurance

As shown over here, this particular form of insurance focuses on the idea of protecting those purchasing a home or property from financial loss, mainly caused by imperfections found in a property title, often referred to as bad titles.

These bad titles can cause a wide range of undesired situations, since it is often linked to problems related to:

  • Legal and financial problems
  • Problems with the ownership and the many paperwork related to it
  • Issues related to the selling of the property, mainly because clear titles are required for its transfer

The imperfections of a title can vary quite a lot. The reasons that are often considered common include lien in a property, problems related to building violations or health hazards, and back taxes. Failures linked to payments of a loan or mortgage are also a very common reason.

Although these imperfections are rare, they can still happen, and even the most professional and experienced workers in charge of the deal can still make mistakes when it comes to the transfer of ownership and all the paperwork involved in the process.

The benefit of a title insurance policy involves the protection and aid during an ownership claim and all the discrepancies that could be linked to the procedure, as well as financial shielding during the whole process, which can be an incredible burden since it involves many expenses.

Why it Matters so Much

Of course, a title insurance policy is extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to purchase a property, since it provides a level of protection that otherwise would be impossible, and although the chances of it being useful are considerably low, it is still better to have it than not have it.

Things are a lot more complicated for real estate investors, however. A real estate investor often engages in occasional transactions. The more transactions are done involving real estate properties, the more likely it is for the investor to deal with faulty ownership titles and similar problems.

Thus, it is pretty much necessary for them to have this card under their sleeves, since it provides a safety net that protects their finances and properties from a problem that could take a considerable amount of time, money, and effort.

Keep in mind that investing is a very profitable finance, but contrary to something like saving, investing does involve risks on a regular basis. And investing in real estate is also a risk as shown over at For an investor, reducing the chances of these risks causing problems is always a reasonable practice, thus, title insurance policies are always attractive in their eyes.

Do You Still Need it if You Are a PA Resident, Though?

Now, if you are a real estate investor located in Pennsylvania, you have to know that having a title insurance policy is pretty much mandatory for transactions related to real estate properties.

This is mainly because of the nature of the policy itself and how it simplifies the procedure while protecting all parties involved in it. That being said, it might be complicated to find a service provider that could satisfy your needs when it comes. It is also complicated to have a solid idea of the things you should and shouldn’t do to protect your finances, so let’s talk about that in more detail.

The Advised Approach

When it comes to finding a service provider, there’s a general rule of thumb to follow, and that is getting to know more about the provider itself, its reputation, its prices, and their plan. This rule can also apply to insurance providers, thus, you should do as followed:

  • Focus on finding a reputable provider. The reputation of the company as well as the reviews shown by previous customers is a good way to know what you can expect from them even before spending money, which is the reason why researching is so important.

  • Contacting them provides a solid idea of their professionalism as well as their prices, and whether they can handle your particular case or not. If you can, either contact them through a phone call or meet them if possible.

  • Be patient about choosing a provider. Try to take your time to find the best option available for you. Considering that insurance policies are a rather competitive market, your chances of finding good deals only increase when you take your time.

  • Never go for the first choice. Ideally, you should make a list of the providers that catch your interest, and take notes on their prices, reputation and plans. After you have spent some time looking for candidates, you can start narrowing down said options until you are left with the most viable choices.

  • Try to have a solid idea of what you should be looking for. If you find a provider, pay attention to the way they describe their services, and also, the information that is shown on their website. If you check out Primary Abstract in Wayne PA, for example, you’ll have a solid idea of what you can expect from an insurance provider.

In short, just try to take your time if you are not in a rush. Getting referrals from friends and family is another good way to find a provider, too.

Other Things You Can Do

Once you have found yourself a provider, make sure to either have someone to aid you through the process, or take your time reading the policies to make sure that they do cover the most important aspects of a real estate transaction and bad titles.

On the other hand, some other things you might want to do include things like protecting said policy in a safe space, and keeping your information private to avoid potential problems in the future.

Generally speaking, as long as you follow the procedure as intended, and you pay attention to everything, you’ll be just fine. Still, if you can get advice from friends and family that have already experienced similar procedures, even better!

You can also check for guides online! There are many guides online such as which provide valuable information to guide you through the whole experience.

If you want more close-up comments on the matter, you can always visit websites like Reddit, which have subreddits filled with valuable information about multiple topics, including, of course, real estate procedures as well as insurance policies, showcasing the experiences other people have gone through when it comes to them.

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