Can I customise my flat pack home?

Yes. While flat pack homes are built using prefabricated materials, you’re free to customise the design of your home to suit your needs. Choose your layout, your home’s style, and even the interior décor of your home.


Are flat pack homes energy efficient?

Flat pack homes are purpose built for optimum energy efficiency using a variety of high quality, modern materials. In an energy-efficient flat pack home, you can look forward to gas and electrical bills that are more affordable than the norm.

As well as offering excellent energy efficiency for homeowners, flat pack homes are built using environmentally friendly renewable timber from managed forests.


How much do flat pack homes cost?

Like any type of home, flat pack homes can range from inexpensive to costly based on your expectations. A normal flat pack home may cost as much as 25 per cent less than a typical home build, although the final price will depend on your needs.


Are flat pack homes fast to build?

Since flat pack homes use prefabricated materials, they’re generally quicker to build than normal homes. The quicker construction period allows homeowners to save on labour costs and enjoy their new home as soon as possible.


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