How should you design your Poker Room?

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Entertainment

While it is true that any table would serve for holding your card games, but still there is no alternative to having a dedicated poker room for your games. But it is no ordinary task. Because just having a spare room will not be enough; you will need to bear a little more trouble than that. Designing a poker room is all about creating that delicate balance between comfort and style in a way that playing your game feels like playing at one of your favorite casinos who also please you will their casino bonus.

Let’s talk about the different elements of the designing then:


It is of prime importance that the poker room should be comfortable for your guests. However, it is also equally important that your poker room have a sophisticated look. Therefore, paint your walls with a rich, warm color that feels inviting yet also gives a touch of elegance overall.

Lighter shades like gold or tan etc. work really well for smaller rooms. While with larger rooms, brick or chocolate brown colors tend to match very well.

It is also necessary to note that paneling one or more walls of the room could be a good idea since wood tones go really well with poker rooms.


The essential items in a poker room are tables and chairs. They come in different sizes and styles, matching with different rooms. Padded tables are especially recommended for those who play all night long. This is because they can lean over the table and not feel the discomfort. The same is true for the chairs, which will look far better if leathered in a cognac or rich chocolate colour.

Also, it is important that you provide some seating arrangements for your guests who are not playing poker. For that, a sofa and arm chairs would be perfect.

If you are willing to go a little farther, then a bar would be an excellent addition in the way of perfecting your poker room. If your room does not have much space, then you can make do with a cart or a bar cabinet.


Your poker room will look extremely good if it gives off a certain personality. For that, you need to include decor items. Say you are a sports fan, and then you should adorn your walls with photos of your favorite players. If sophistication is your desire, then embellish your walls with artwork prints.

And use blinds or shades for your windows, so that they block the light and you could regulate the brightness in your poker room.


Lighting is crucial in that it should be neither too dim that you can’t read your cards nor too bright to create discomfort. Decorative pedant lights are a very good fit for poker rooms since they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and colors. Adding other ambient light sources is also a very good idea along the sides of your poker room.

Many people these days prefer to play their games online, since it is easy and convenient with online companies giving a lot of appealing free spins online offers for their customers. Still, there are many others who like to play at their own homes and at their own tables.

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