Why Landlords Should Consider Replacing Their Roof

by | Feb 9, 2021 | DIY Tips

It is the responsibility of landlords to keep their rental houses habitable for everyone who lives in them. This includes making sure the roof is in excellent condition at all times.

The best way to protect both your tenants and your house from roof damage is to have the roof inspected regularly. An expert can spot potential concerns before they occur in order to prevent them from becoming major problems.

If there is a problem with the roof of a house, the landlord is responsible. Tenants can take action if their landlord does nothing to fix the problem, such as withholding rent or reporting their landlord to the authorities.

It is important for landlords to understand why they should consider replacing their roofs in all their rental houses.

Insulation in the roof of your property

Just as important as the condition of the roof is the insulation aspects of the roof and loft area. When letting out a property an energy efficiency certificate is required at E level or greater. As a high percentage of heat is lost through the roof then this may be an area for investigation.

With a higher energy rating you will find it easier to attract tenants to your property since they will be paying less for energy bills. Consider finding a roof insulation installer to provide a quote on a new or existing roof.

Replace the roof to avoid damage from leaks

A roof that is leaking water can cause so many problems. One major concern from a leaking roof is that it can cause mould and mildew. This can be a big problem for all tenants, but especially for those with serious health conditions.

A leaking roof can also affect other parts of the house, including the walls and ceiling. Not only can it cause water spots and bubbling, but it can also compromise the structure of the entire house. This leaking water can also come into contact with electrical components in the house, which could start a fire.

A damaged roof could collapse at any time

When a roof is bowing or sagging, that is a good indicator that it could soon collapse. This can easily injure those inside the house at the time. Even if no one is home, it can damage cherished items in the house.

A collapsed roof will also result in losing money since the landlord will have to replace it.

It can affect your house’s property value

Even something as seemingly simple as damaged shingles on a roof can decrease your property value. They can potentially cause damage and someone should fix them right away. It also looks bad, which can result in a decrease in interested tenants.

Problems that are more serious than damaged shingles can cause an even bigger decrease in value. No one wants to live in a house with roof damage. It will only cause them bigger headaches later on. It’s best to fix the problem as early as possible to avoid this from happening.

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