Sash windows – How to draught proof them without loosing character

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Sash window draught proofing can help to cut out the draughts that come from traditional sash windows without detracting from the charm and character of a period property. It’s the ideal solution for homeowners that are concerned with maintaining original features whilst improving the thermal efficiency. In this article we look at what sash window draught proofing is, how much it costs, potential returns on investment, and how we can get it installed.

It’s a continual battle keeping the warmth in a period property. Heat loss through roof, walls, and sash windows are the main reasons why heating bills are almost double what they should be. There’s cures for both roof and walls that are unobtrusive but until recently sash windows have been plagued by stick on sash window draught proofing that really hurts the charm of a period property, or worse original sash windows have been replaced for plastic, or secondary glazing that ruins any interior designers best made plans for a charming, authentic look. Fortunately there is now a brilliant sash window draught proofing solution. A well considered technology upgrade that amounts to a series of brush piles that are hidden within the sash window mechanism, allowing full travel of your sash window, whilst stopping icy draughts, and heat escaping!

 What is sash window draught proofing? 

Sash window draught proofing is a series of draught seals that are machined and then fitted into the original sash, parting beads, and staff beading. This creates an entire perimeter seal which stops all draughts, and reduces the amount of heat lost through gaps considerably. The system is design for period, conservation, and listed properties and is incorporated in almost all sash window repair. If you’d like to find our more about draught proofing windows please follow the resource provided. There’s detailed descriptions and diagrams of how a sash window draught proofing system is installed and what other sash window repair is available. The draught proofing system is made of nylon brushes and lasts upwards of ten years. Here’s a look at a typical sash window that has had a quality draught proofing system installed. 

When the window is closed this would no longer be visible and is the perfect upgrade for a tradition Victorian property. 

The benefits of sash window draught proofing. 

The benefits of sash window draught proofing aren’t just financial, as we previously mentioned you’ll turn heating off that much more quickly and it’ll really make a considerable difference to your home. So much so, that it is said that for every sash window draught proofing system, you’ll be able to save £25 per year in heating. Given a sash window draught proofing system will last over ten years and it saves £25 a year, in that time it will pay for itself! But enough about financial, the real benefits of a draught proofing system are the additional comfort in your home. No longer will sash windows rattle as a result of breeze or heavy buses passing. It will also stop dust ingress which would normally soil nets and curtains. Because the sash window draught proofing system requires windows to be fully removed, all companies offering extensive warranty will replace sash cords leaving windows functioning smoothly as well as then installing uprated sash window security as part of the package. Given London for example is a crime hotspot, and most insurers will only pay for a break in if all security is correctly installed, this overhaul and draught proofing service really adds value on a practical level.

 Do I need a draught proofing sash windows specialist or can I do it myself? 

Firstly yes, any competent DIY inclined person will have no problem installing a draught proofing system so long as they have knowledge of using power tools and can do so safely. If you are a carpenter or joiner then this will be no problem at all for you. Some people will also consider uprating their glazing whilst the windows are out – more information can be found on energy saving glass here. Sash window draught proofing kits can be purchased at around £120 per window, which is a considerable saving on the normal £250 you would pay a specialist. This is the going rate in London currently and very reasonable for the amount of work involved. Prices vary up and down the country, but will be within £200-£350 per window for a draught proofing system. You might think London relatively inexpensive, however the market is extremely competitive and benefits considerably from economies of scale.

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