What You Need to Know Before Decorating a Room

by | Dec 16, 2016 | DIY Tips

Regardless of whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, to feel perfectly at home you will want the space you live in to reflect who you really are. This is why decorating can be such a difficult task – what should you do in order to decorate a room so that you and everyone else feels comfortable and welcome in. For those who are planning to decorate soon, here are a few useful tips.

Details mean a lot

You will wish to show to people who come into your home who you are and where your interests lie. If you or someone in your family likes to paint or draw, display some of that unique art on the walls or shelves. Sometimes details can be useful too – lovely lamps with colourful shades can brighten up the place by adding both more light and colour. Small glass jars filled with little rocks and shells you picked up on your vacation can bring the memory of summer even during cold winter days. Be careful when displaying details and accessories though – you don’t want the space to look like an antique shop. Having a lot of decorations means you will spend more time dusting than you usually would.

Plants make everything better

Plants are perfect decorating items because they can make any space feel more alive and welcoming. If you have the space you can bring large, tropical plants into your living room and place them in a corner near the window, or leave them on your porch. Flower pots can also be a great decoration, especially if you are willing to experiment: plant a flower in an old tea kettle, or make a mini garden in an old light bulb. A touch of greenery fits perfectly in any room, just pay attention to what plants need: if they prefer humidity keep them in the bathroom, and if they need heat and light keep them near the heater or in your kitchen.

Utilize the details

This is especially important if your home is not too spacious or a particular room is rather small. Place useful and beautiful furniture in the living room, like incredibly popular Bibliochaise armchair bookcase from Nobody & Co. You can also put useful Martec exhaust fans which are also great heaters and light the space with LED technology. When it comes to the kitchen, use peg boards on walls so you can hang kitchen utensils when you’re not using them – not only is it useful, but it looks good at the same time. What is more, you can grow your own herbs in pots, and have some greenery and seasoning within reach.


Bright colours

White walls do make the space seem bigger, but they also give the impression of sterile and boring environment. If you have a chance, try painting every room in your home a different colour. Depending on the room, you can try painting your kitchen yellow to make it seem brighter and sunnier, ask your children what their favourite colours are and paint their rooms accordingly. Try sleeping in a bedroom with light azure or lavender walls – these colours will calm you down and you will fall asleep easier. If you wish to keep the walls white, try adding details in bright, warm colours instead.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose the right colour, the right furniture, and the details which you want to put in the room. However, if you decide to go through with it you will soon learn that decorating is not as hard as you first feared. Feel free to experiment with different styles and show off how innovative and creative you are.  


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