A Look at Metal Architecture in Home Design

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Community, DIY Tips

A Look at Metal Architecture in Home Design

In recent years, industrial home design has become increasingly popular. Simple lines paired with the right choices of material and a clean design are the dream combination for gorgeous properties. A lot of architects and designers are using metal and glass to further strengthen the modern, industrial look.

There are a lot of design ideas and concepts you can take inspiration from when it comes to industrial property design, but in this article we are going to focus on the metal architecture that sits at the core of these home designs. How has metal architecture changed the way properties are developed?

Faster Construction Time

One of the advantages of using a metal structure or steel frame is the fact that the entire construction time can be cut short by as much as 50%. In some cases, a properly can be developed – from start to finish – in a little over a month.

These steel frames are standardised, allowing architects and designers to work with them flexibly without adding more work or time to the construction project. Metal is also a material that is easy to work with.

The construction project may look more complicated than standard brick-and-mortar properties. Welding curtains are usually used to protect workers and certain parts of the property whilst another part is constructed. MIG welds are the most common type of welding used, but other methods are often added for extra strength and a smoother finish.

Immense Strength

We can’t talk about steel frames and metal architecture without talking about the strength this type of structure offers. Metal can flex and adapt more, but that doesn’t mean the structure is weaker than concrete-framed designs. In fact, the little bit of flex the material can do allows the property to be safer and more protected against earthquakes and other disasters.

You can also add more weight on top of the metal frames without increasing the total weight of the frames themselves. With concrete beams, for example, you need to make the beams considerably larger if you want to add more levels on top of them. Metal frames are much more robust than that. Altering the thickness of the frame or the design of the beams is often enough to provide the extra strength needed.

Easier to Finish

The last advantage we are going to cover in this article is the fact that metal frames are easy to finish. You don’t even need to hide them. Add glass to the exterior layer of the property and it will look gorgeous.

The technology behind metal frames has advanced rapidly. Insulation technologies are now more readily available, allowing metal-framed houses to have maximum energy efficiency. There are also more finishing methods to choose from, ensuring maximum protection against rust and other challenges. More importantly, the lifespan of metal architecture is now considerably longer.

All of these advantages are being utilised to their fullest potential. Architects and designers love working with metal frames and structures in creating some of the most beautiful properties we’ve seen in the last few years. You too can enjoy these advantages by opting for metal frames for your next property.

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