How to give your living room a touch of luxury

by | Apr 14, 2015 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

 The living room is often seen as the most important room of the house, it is where the family spends most of their time, the first room most visitors will see and where time is spent catching up with friends. Giving this room a personal touch which is also inviting to others can be difficult but by adding a luxurious, welcoming feel you can create a sense of personality and ease. Whether you have just invested in a new property or want to add some glamour to your current living space, try these tips below:

All That Glitters

Creating a luxurious feel in your living room doesn’t mean you have to completely redecorate. Metallic colours can add a sense of depth and expense without actually breaking the bank. Picture frames, wall murals and even burnished keepsake boxes and ornaments can all add to the expensive feel. Why not go for a shimmering feature wall with this vintage bronze wall mural from Photowall? The deep bronze and turquoise shades will look beautiful with dark grey, deep purple and other precious metal shades.

Velvety Soft

Velvet can really add to the luxury feel when it comes to dressing your room. Using velvet cushions in deep colours, such as greys, purples and royal blues, or a throw which is draped over one side of the sofa, you’ll be able to add to that deluxe feel. H&M offer velvet cushion covers in a selection of colours so you can pick which ones will fit into your living room – we love the sophisticated ‘anthracite grey’ option.


Having an extremely bright light in your living room can be unflattering so try switching the main bulb for a slightly dimmer one. You can also accessorise your room with lamps and other light sources; this candelabra from Zara Home is a much more opulent way to light the room.

Fresh Flowers

There’s nothing more glamorous than a fresh bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase. Choose flowers that match the colour scheme of your living room and make sure you change the water and trim the stems regularly. If you don’t have the time/money to buy fresh flowers very often, you could invest in some silk flowers – John Lewis have a colourful assortments of silk sweet peas. Could you ever tell these are not fresh flowers at first sight?

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