5 Surprising Tips for Wall Decor

by | Sep 23, 2020 | DIY Tips, Home

While some people prefer empty spaces, such as walls, windows, floors, in others, an empty wall might be the cause of severe depression. However, even if you love spaces that are filled in with beautiful items, make sure all those items are in the right places. The decorations, whatever they are, shall create a unique style of the room rather than suffocate the space. Do you want some nice tips to create breath-taking wall art in your room? Read on.

Play with Wall Colours

Do you love the wall colour in the room? Before you start looking for the most expensive custom oil painting, try this tip – paint walls in some vibrant colour. Try colours that you have always wanted to, it is time to make a change now!

Don’t get stuck with one colour only. Follow your mood. It might end in a beautiful painting directly on the old wall plaster.

What about a Rug?

Yes, we know that it is considered an old-fashioned item. No, don’t worry, we aren’t insisting on putting on your wall something ancient. There are plenty of modern rugs in the most beautiful designs. It shall fit into the interior and highlight its strong features. Then it can become an integral piece of your wall art.

Ok, a rug might be not for your refined taste but how do you like the idea to decorate one of your walls with an old tapestry or a piece of thematic fabric? We agree that for that, you shall be daring enough. But you can be sure that the wall will create a very profitable highlight in the room if you manage to do everything correctly. This is one of the most challenging art tips but one of the most rewarding, too.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Art reproductions always win when it comes to the room decoration in general and wall decoration in particular. A top-quality reproduction of a famous painting, alone or in a company of other oil on canvas, is always beautiful.

If you have oil on canvas of other art pieces, you can experiment with them endlessly. You can put a single picture in the centre of that bothering free space or you can create a gallery – it is up to you. You can have a look at the reproductions offered by 1st Art Gallery, to get an idea about the expected quality. And who knows, you might even find there a painting that you have been looking for.

If you don’t have funds for a good quality reproduction (yes, they aren’t cheap), you can opt for cheaper oil paintings from the photo. They look nice, and you can order them from a local gallery or online here. Make sure you choose the proper size. The colours and the plot shall be fine for your interior.

Try Incorporating an Accent Wall

Do you like accents? The most vivid accent can be incorporated right now directly in your room. You can adorn one of your walls with:

  • A distinctive pattern;
  • Ornament;
  • Small prints, or whatever.

Don’t hesitate to use vibrant paints and your imagination. It shall attract attention immediately. If you see that the wall has become a distinctive feature in your room, you can consider that you have succeeded.

Put a Mirror

Mirrors make your room visually bigger and create an amazing feeling of irresistible mystery. A big mirror or even several of them is a wonderful solution for a small or dark space. Though it can also be a nice addition to add more shining to your studio or office filled with sun rays. This is one of the most universal art tips. A mirror is normally a must-to-be element for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Don’t forget to fix it properly, and enjoy it.

Set Your Imagination Free

Whatever object might become a nice standalone wall decoration or an element of a well-thought and perfectly combined exposition. Do you have vintage or decorative plates? Fix them on the wall. Follow the same rules that are valid for painting arrangement. Vintage plates can make a nice exposition above a fireplace, a piano, a bureau.

Plants are always good. Whether your room is designed in the vintage style or in high-tech, plants are a nice addition to any space. There is one detail to consider though: the pots. They shall be chosen to match the colours. Take care to choose pots that aren’t going to interfere with the fine design lines of your accommodation. If you are going to put them on a wall, automatic pots shall be your choice. They will take care of your plants and you will not damage the wall.

Whatever you use, it is your choice. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Express yourself genuinely in anything, including the wall décor in your house.

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